Best Tool Ever

Just finished my 2nd day using the best tool I’ve ever purchased.
This cooling vest is getting me through the summer! :smiley:

The Original Cool Vest - Body Cooling Vest Ice Vest - Glacier Tek

Unlike other cooling vests it does not freeze at 32 degrees, but rather a very comfortable 59 degrees. I’ve tried ‘ice’ vests before and they can literally give you frost bite and constrict your blood vessels. The theory behind this vest is that it keeps your vital organs cool which sends cooler blood to your extremities.
This vest maintains 59 comfortable degrees for about 3 hours and then can be thrown in icy water for 20 minutes and is good to go for another 3 hours.

So after two days, I’ve come home energized instead of being drained from the AZ heat. I haven’t used it in extreme heat yet. So far I’ve finished outdoor work by about 10:30 a.m. and it’s only about 100 to 105 degrees. I wear this over my shirt and my shirt does get wet; but it’s a comfortable wet; hard to explain (not clammy or humid feeling).
I wear a quick drying fishing shirt so just a slight breeze had me dry in the time it took me to transition my gear to indoor work.
It weighs about 5 pounds and I was concerned it would be a bit heavy, but once it’s on you don’t even notice it.
The only things I don’t care for about it are that it looks a bit like body armor and it was a bit pricy ($180), but sooo worth it!

Which one did you get…

“and its only about 100-105”. We had 90 degree temps here today and we were suffering. I guess we are a little spoiled with our mostly milder weather.

Very cool…I may get one…

I grew up in Funnyvale…90’s are warm there…oh but that bay breeze…

We have been using Frog Togs lately

I got the khaki one.

What a great tip!

We have been at about 100 for the last week plus, but nothing that plenty of ice cold bottles of water couldn’t solve

for 105+ I could definitely see an advantage, that seems to be when cold water etc doesn’t cut it anymore for long term outdoor work

What? no Bay area fog rollin in?

Only the steam off my wfp today.


I just ordered one of these today. Mentioning that you were less exhausted as a result of wearing the vest was the reason I pulled the trigger on buying one. I don’t mind sweating, scratching up my legs in rose bushes - all the unavoidable side effects of working for a living. But, fatigue means you are getting less work done and earning less $$.

CapeCodCleaner, I’ll be curious to hear how you like this in your more humid climate. I use it almost daily and love it here I Arizona!

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Thanks for sharing cortezaero, i never knew something like this existed. I was wondering if I should invent such a thing myself.

I noticed on days that I power wash a house Im not shy about getting wet from the over spray, in fact the overspray from the bleach gets on me so I end up completely rinsing myself off with a water hose about 3 times through out the day, it feels so good and energized to be all wet and my productivity increases. I actually can go from 9am-3pm with no lunch break (food or water) in the hot sun. Yet when I do strictly windows in the hot sun im drinking water every hour, need to be constantly snacking, and im completely drained of energy by 3pm.

just ordered one from amazon.

Hey Jesse, I bought one of those vests it definitely helps . Like you say who cares about sweating , it’s all about that energy.

I bought one of these endura towels. I’m really likening it. I use to have a regular towel to wipe sweat , but these just have that really soft feel to them an they stay cool . Takes that burning feeling in your neck an face away an refreshes you.

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I should invest in one

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I noticed that they have two kinds of cooling vests: evaporative vests & ice pack insert vests. With the evaporative ones, you soak the vest and then put it on. The evaporation of the water cools you - just like sweating cools you. The ice pack vest has special inserts that you can freeze.

I got the ice pack insert type with the expectation that it will be more effective (unfortunately it is also more expensive).

CapeCodCleaner, the ice pack one is what I’ve got. But you’re correct; it’s pricey. On a positive note, I’ve had it almost three years now and it’s just like new.

Thanks for sharing Brad. I’ll be looking into one… 110-112 degrees all week has been brutal =( Oh and now the humidity is up I feel like a human swamp.

I’ve been using the vest now for a couple of weeks and the only thing I can say is: “why didn’t I get this sooner?”

I keep it it’s insulated carrying case and throw it on during the hottest part of the day (noonish - 4:00 pm). Since the cooling packs only last 3 hours or so, I like to reserve it for the most intense heat.

My energy level is a lot better, plus I don’t get nauseous like I used to.

Pun intended?