Best tool for windows with ledges?

Doing store front the other day couldn’t get the squeegee to go all the way to the bottom using a poll. What is the best tool to use for that. A ledger, pole with a curve? Thanks,


Have you looked at the backflip yet it is a great tool check the video on this website

// BackFlip - YouTube

Hey Chris … replying the “Larry-way” ?

With a video, a link, or another question ? :smiley:

You might be at the wrong angle. I just bought a 14 & 18 QS 3 weeks ago and now I’m in love when It come to poll work! I’m gonna get a 22 this week. At first the had a odd angle for me, so I extended the poll some and backed off so I’m not so vertical to the window…worked like a dream.

has become my poll work lover…but I still like my Ettore for the regular work.

Try your angle. Get less vertical or more…I can close with my every time unless it’s a long ledge, then I throw a rock and break it so I don’t have to clean it…jk

I’m going to try that. Might need to get a bigger pole. I might try that rock thing and see how that goes.

Don’t forget the can be used horizontally (left to right) with the angled handle instead of trying to clean vertically. This will take care of some of your deepest ledges.

What length pole are you using for the store front stuff?

I think its a 12 foot pole. Ettore lowes special.