Best Towel for Basic Fast Screen Clean?

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I am doing a Senior building that has residential windows and has an exterior screen. I am just planning to use a wet bath hand towel and wipe it down. Is there a higher quality while being fast at the same time method anyone else uses?

For residential I normally take exterior screens and was them outside. This one I bid at a competitive price and the building isn’t very old. So I’m looking for efficient ways to tackle it.

Thanks in advance!

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If there are a bunch of screens then you’ll need a lot of towels. Hit up your local thrift store and snag all their old bath towels on the cheap. Those will probably be almost lint-free as well, since they have probably gone through a bazillion wash cycles before getting donated.

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I use some damp yellow microfber towels I get at Costco, for screens that are inside the house or outside and just not very dirty.

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Just thinking out loud-ish… Wouldn’t it be faster to scrub with your window mop and slap dry with a rag? Plus you’d only use one or two rags.

But then you pick up grime from the screen onto your washer. Not a real great idea for cleaning subsequent windows.

Use a huck. Espeacially if they’re not real dirty


Wait, so there’s no grime on the windows? Jk, good point. Not my method, just thought he was looking for something quick since he bid low.

i have used several systems for cleaning screens the best so far:
unger fluffy wash pad on pad holder, quite wet but not dripping all over scrub screen, follow with 2nd unger fluffy dry or almost dry.
next best: fluffy scrubber-tbar (not the one you are using for glass, 10-14 inches no bigger, wet again not dripping all over.
fast, high quality results. done in place.
using towels will leave streaks and a generally poor appearance.


Ya I’m with you on the huck. Dampen it a little, An your good to go :+1: Been using my power washer lately to do screens. It’s now my favorite way to do screens. I just lay them flat power wash both sides, An a quick spank with my huck , wipe frames with huck An done.
This only gets done this way when doing a house wash An windows. No house wash I brush them , then wipe down with huck.

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I am using a damp, soft(fluffier style) microfiber cloth. Its working great so far. Everything dries fast and it picks up everything.

I can see huck towels being great too, as @IronLionZion and @Majestic66 have mentioned.
I am limited on those at the moment so I only use them for detailing.

Thanks everyone!