Best Vehicle for a crew of 3 to 4 /good mpg and cargo space?

Best Vehicle for a crew of 3 to 4 /good mpg and cargo space?

Just wondering what people are rolling with if youve got a crew of a few ppl

I was looking at turbo diesel sprinters but that might be overkill

Looking for a van preferably

Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab if you want a truck.

Tundra extra cab with 8’ bed…oh, wait, you said good mpg. Never mind. Sprinter sounds good.

The nice thing about the Tundra is the 0% APR. the bed rides a little high for easy side rail access. The truck is very solid and the turning radius is amazing. We almost bought one this year but it sits a little too high for us. The MPG isn’t bad for the size. Your total cost of ownership is really good with the vehicle when you take in consideration average maintenance and resale value. We flip our vehicles under 100,000 to keep maintenance low and resale high. We have had success with the pre runner. The F250 is my personal favorite. For windows its overkill but good for loads and towing.

I agree with Tundra, double cab is great. Only one truck wit full 4 doors in extended cab(double cab). Very reliable and great spacious cabin. MPG- with ladder rack, average about 15 around town. Without rack and ladders- 17 easy

We really like the Tacoma Quad cab…

What mileage you get? Is that 5’ or 6’ bed?

We have an f150 we like, but the extra cab Tundra 8’ bed is nice when we have 4 guys. We usually have 750 lbs in the truck, plus crew. Always tow3000, often tow 7000. Truck is very dependable does everything we ask. Never done better than 14mpg, usually 12.

George, where did you get that toolbox? that is a great combo with the drawer underneath!

My 4 Door Nissan Frontier gets 18-19 mpg fully loaded, 15 towing a lift. It’s a shortbed though, so loading gear can be tough for more than 2 people.

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That is a System One Box with a stow away drawer. Expensive box, but well worth the money.

The bed size in this truck is 4 and half feet. 4cyl, 2wd and gets about 19mpg city.

I’m digging the matching red trucks on your website, Brian. I have to say that the Frontiers are pretty nice looking.

Thanks! Although if I had known that Fish was moving to town the same month I bought that Frontier I would have picked a different color scheme…

thats a short bed

thanks for the input. Well it doesnt sound like Im gonna find what Im looking for. I was hoping to get mid 20’s for mpg. I need to get one of those vans they have in Europe for that to happen

How much equipment do u carry? With a minimal setup, a Ford Transit Connect might work- but you’d be real limited if you ever wanted to add any gear…

The transit is supposed to get ~25 mpg

Nice idea Alex, but that doesn’t handle his crew as far as I know.

Not sure of the make and model but this ride looks roomy.

i have 2 of these, these are popular here with window cleaners . you can buy them with a back seat but mine dont have the extra seat ,so if i have a 3rd worker they ride in the back on a big cushion,hidden behind a drape made of scrim as its illegal to carry people in the back. they have a great 1.9 diesel engine,good for about 40 mpg