Best vehicle to purchase for a new company

I started my window cleaning business about 2 months ago and I’m debating on what would be the best vehicle setup for me. I plan on doing power washing, gutter cleans, etc. What have you found to be the best vehicle a cargo van, mini van, or truck?

Cargo van if you need to keep stuff protected from people and weather.

Agreed. We forgo aesthetics for usefulness in this industry.

If you don’t mind towing a trailer. I would go pick-up truck an trailer. If your doing Power washing also.
If your not ding power washing then yes Cargo van.

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I’d recommend a Ford transit, if you can afford it. Can tow a trailer or haul a small pressure washer inside, along with everything else. Will be difficult to haul a pressure washing cart, shelf, wfp system and step stool in something smaller like a transit connect or promaster city.