Best water fed pole system for 2000

I am thinking about adding a water fed pole system and any input would be great. I am thinking about 30 feet to cover up to three stories. I have read a few posts on the subject but my budget limit is 2000.

Best Water Fed Pole & System:

Best Water Fed Pole

Water Fed Poles

Best Water Fed System

Best Water Fed Systems

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Are you going to do DI only, or user reverse osmosis too?

Your budget is too small for an “On-demand” RO - but if you have a tank in your truck and a static system producing pure water in your garage, you could just about get an RO system for your budget (A bit of DIY would be involved) and the monthly running costs would be much smaller than using just DI tanks alone…

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Here is a very good comparison of the different poles we carry
Check your water quality in your zip code here
Here are several systems in your budget
If you would like to schedule a consultation you can do that here


If you’re completely new to pure water cleaning, you’ll find this video playlist pretty helpful.


You could use PayPal credit at the WCR store. 6 months to payoff with 0% interest if paid before 6 months are up. When it comes to WFP you don’t want to go cheap trust me. It might be tempting to get ABC stuff since your not that far from them, because it’s cheap. It’s cheap for a reason. I got into a system/pole from them for around $1800. It only lasted one season. The ro membrane blew up. The pole is ok, but has a lot of flex when working at angles.

I ended up getting another system and carbon fiber pole. So in two years i ended up spending near 4K.

Side note if your looking for extra work next spring/summer hit me up always looking for good legitimate sub contractors.


Well said, tempting to save up front but it usually costs you more in the long run.


Good morning. We are located in Castle Rock and all we do is water-fed equipment.

I’d like to welcome you to come down and visit with us and see for yourself the many different options available.

Let me know when you’d like to visit and we’ll have you in. We can direct any purchases you decide to make locally through WCR so you don’t end up getting hit with Sales Tax.


@GratefulGlass take Up on Shawn’s @RHG_Products offer. Quality products. I have one of his systems it’s the best!


We have some cool Tucker TurnKey packages under 2k - ( that you might want to peak @ ) -


Anyone have any experience with Tucker turnkey packages?

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@Ericehlers has a Tucker pole and ro/di cart. He can fill you in on the pole. Tucker DI only is new I believe haven’t heard much about it. Like I mentioned @RHG_Products is a great guy; I personally have met him. That turnkey:

That would be a great way to get into WFP and an affordable price! What’s nice about the pole is you can add to it if you need to go higher.

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Do not go cheap… use the financing available if you have to and just get what you need. Do your research! Also don’t buy an ABC cart. We wasted a ton of money on a cart the fell apart after one season. We also had two RO membranes explode costing us $800 this year.

Next year we will be looking into what WCR has to offer.


Hi there. We created the Turnkey Packages with the intent of simplifying the process of choosing equipment a bit.

All of the products in the packages carry a 30 day money back guarantee. If you buy a package and you don’t like the products or they don’t perform the way you had hoped, simply contact the distributor and we’ll get you your purchase money back.

We can do this because we know, after 60 years in the business, you’re going to love our equipment. If not, no hard feelings, we understand. If you want to come visit us in Castle Rock and take a look at the quality of the equipment, contact me directly and I’ll be happy to meet with you. Thanks.

OH, the packages are 10% off, now through the end of 2016.


Just thought I would make a suggestion based on your wanting to consistently reach 3 stories. 30’ will not always get it done for you. I would recommend going with a 40’-45’ pole. Many times the ground around a building or house is graded in a way that a 30’ won’t even get close.