Best way to find experienced window cleaners?

So I am still looking for a lead tech. I was wondering what job boards you use to find experienced employees. Right now I am using Craigslist free ads only, haven’t advertised in an area that costs yet and I am paying for zip recruiter. I have browsed around on indeed but haven’t paid for an ad.

What works for you guys?

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You push for referrals in your day to day.
That goes for employees as well.

Talk to your guys/co-workers about “that guy he used to work with.”

  • who might be looking for some work.

Timing is the trick, hire early/hire often.

Hire as many people as you can.

The right person will present themselves.

I’ve been through 14 people this year. 1 gets it.

how disappointing

… Dang, doesn’t that wear you out and mess with your scheduling to boot?

One thing I am doing from now on is making sure that I always have entry level techs. Those are easy to pick up all day. Then when I have a lead that leaves or I have to let go, hopefully I have an entry level guy that I can bump up to lead. Or at least keep easier jobs going until I find a lead.

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We use our state’s internet job board services ( It’s free, and our best potentials come from this source. Way, way better candidates than those from Craigslist. Good luck.


I have never once had luck with an experienced cleaner. I’ll take a new guy and train him right every time. The guys who have done it before have too many bad habits in my experience.

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