Best way to get rid of algae on windows

I work for a large company and have a big commercial contract but a. Really struggling to fully get rid of the algae on the windows. Either use jet washer or wfp!! Any suggestions please???

Got a picture?

When we have algae on skylights it’s just the bottom inch.

Can not think of a time I have seen algae much worse than that.

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Spray some bleach to kill it then rinse or scrub it off.

Maybe magic eraser on a pad if it’s high? I use to that on siding wash to buff out tough algae spots, never tried on glass tho? Test it first. Or some kind of bleach cloth on a pad holder. That would kill it!

Good DIY tool for removing organic material on glass at heights.

WCS, do you know anywhere that sells those great pads in ten inch model? Have scoured the web trying to find bigger than a pot scrubber. I did find blue pads at ten inch, but they are VERY course, like a floor pad. I did use them at a job. I did inquire with the company and they said the COURSE pads can be used on glass, but it did not state that in the “Details” of the product. I do love the small blue pot scrubbers, and buy them out when I find them. But they are small like what you show here. So again, do you know where to get BIG version of what you show here? Thanks

Yup. Kills on contact. And…does not need to be strong. Just make sure rinse or clean is Ammonia free. If they collide, it will etch the glass with the coolest blue swirly print. Ask me how I know. :roll_eyes:


Check the store here, not sure if they have the size your looking for. Always test the glass when using any abrasive pad.

Pump sprayer, bleach , water , Soap , dwell 5 min , an hose it off … done .

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