Best way to remove silicone

Hey. I’ve run into several situations where there is silicone on the glass. Usually customers don’t ask me to remove it, and I have had very limited success in removing it with soapy water and a new scraper.

How should one remove silicone on glass?

some people say that steel wool (0000) and baby powder do the trick but I have never tried it. I have tried a silicone dissolver that Lowes sells and it was worthless.

I scrape off the bulk and then I use a product called Goo Gone. I use a white “donut” from a white buffing pad, put some Goo Gone on it and rub in circular motion, then wash off…it will also remove stickers, caulk, glue, most paints and gum.

You can get Goo Gone or another “twin” product called Oops! in the paint dept. at Walmart, Home depot or Lowe’s…it comes in a metal can

Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. Use it dry.

How does the steel wool and baby powder trick work?

I just use steel wool 0000 dry (keep it in a zip lock bag in a pouch on my tool belt). Just be sure to remove any metal debris so it does not leave rust stains when it gets wet.

You can use baby powder on your finger or rag and rub it. Rolls off like a bugger. Oil Flow works good with a white pad. One inch razor blades work very well too.