Best way to strip/clean ipe deck

What’s is the best way to clean or stip a Brazilian iron wood ipe deck? We have hot water pressure washer.

I understand that ipe is the Chuck Norris of hardwoods. “You don’t strip ipe. Ipe strips you.”

Lol, sorry I didn’t have anything helpful to say :yum:

Have you posted on PWR or any of the pw’ing facebook groups?


Not not yet. I was thinking of trying my surface cleaner.

Yeah I find slow responses on the PWRA page as well. i asked a few questions last year might try the search function.

Why does it need to be stripped? All but one that we clean annually the clients prefer it without the oil treatment. We use SH and wand. Always a cherry red when wet then grey aged looked once dry. That is what our clients like,

The deck is extremely gray. If you don’t mind me asking what is SH? I was thinking of using some industrial grade hydrogen peroxide?

SH sodium hypoclorite aka bleach.

Ok I had a feeling that’s what you meant do you use it full strength or cut it??

Always cut it. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you really need to just take some time and read up on power washing. Go to and just spend a couple hours reading. You’ll get much more in-depth info, much more quickly than by asking one question at a time. That’s what I did. Then when I had some more detailed questions, I could ask them with some background info already in my mind.

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I normally cut it just didn’t know with the ipe