Bet you've never done this

Next Friday I’ll be doing windows in a rec center that are over a pool…and they’re not draining the pool. I’ll be standing in 5 feet of water wfp’ing windows on the 2nd floor.

My wife will be riding along that day just to shoot video. I’ll post pics and video if I can figure out how to upload it.

This outta be good! :wink:

Cant wait to see that John

Actually, I did do it once on a residential. The pool was even with the wall. So I wore my swimming trunks, jumped in with my wfp and did it!

sounds interesting. Is that wfp w/ an electric pump or battery :smiley: jrk

If I jumped in with an electric I’d come out looking like you. :smiley:

U envy the hair or the lack of. Cool

Then I’m glad I didn’t label the thread “Bet you $1000 you’ve never done this”.

How deep were you? I’ll be in 5 feet of water.

Hope your 6’ tall :stuck_out_tongue:

A little of both. Yes, that’s the real me.

Don’t know why I can’t get pictures to post here.

I had to wash windows in a pool room in this house…i had 4 inches of ledge along this one 50ft wall…i ended up taking my 32’ ladder and using that as a plank. (pool was 10’ deep)…did this house twice a year…fun fun…couldnt use wfp cuz the windows were along the hallway so they werent high…normal height…had to use poles. fun fun

Upload your video to Youtube. If you do not have an account just register. Once it is uploaded to youtube, you just copy the url and click on the Youtube icon in the toolbar and paste the url.

That’s not my problem.
I bought a Samsung mini DV camcorder online a few months ago. It had firewire connector to connect to PC. My PC didn’t have firewire. I bought a firewire card for my PC. The camera recognizes it’s plugged into something, but I can’t get the video to download to the computer.

Dell says it’s the camera. Samsung says it’s my computer. Neither one has helped me find a solution.

I did try connecting to someone else’s computer, but got nothing there either.

did you buy it below retail off the internet?
I mean did you get a screaming deal?

I got around $180 in gift certificates and cash for my birthday last fall. I wanted a digital camcorder. I went on the internet and found the Samsung at Best Buy for $185, and it included a tripod, lens cleaner, and camera bag.

I thought that mini DV meant it was those small DVDs. It’s actually “digital” tape. The Samsung tech said it would definitely transfer to computer because it’s digital.
All I know is I’ve got a digital camcorder that is supposed to download to a computer via firewire and for some reason it isn’t downloading.

Sounds unsafe.

Maybe you need one of these, they call it the telewash boat.

Its from this site,

Here are some pics. I’m still having trouble getting my comp to recognize my camcorder.