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Hello All,
I have an opportunity that I would like to throw at you all regarding bidding some government cleaning work. Received a call from a local Maryland contractor (checked his company out and all is well there) he needs a company to clean some very large crystal chandeliers and their bronze assemblies. I went there this afternoon and after being shook down in the customary post 9/11 fashion to pass through the gate, I was allowed to drive across the beautiful Naval Academy campus to inspect the job and take some measurements and pictures and anything else I deemed necessary to enable me to come up with a detailed overall price for this job. Of course everything will need to be checked out with my company and all employees will have to be taken through the government system and get approved prior to me getting the job.

 The superintendent told me he is 90% sure I will get the job if everything checks out with the government background process.  Anyways, here are the particulars of the job and the questions I have to pose to you all.  There are 4 chandeliers in Memorial Hall which is a part of Bancroft Hall on the campus.  The two large ones in the middle are able to be brought down to the floor but will still require access due to the lower portion of the chandelier being 3-4 ft wider than the top.  The sections that the chanderliers hang from is made of bronze and will need to be cleaned and polished also - I have contacted a professional on that and will include his cost into the bid. The two chandeliers on each end of the hall both do not lower and will need scaffolding (possibly with neoprene wheels - I'm thinking) to reach the all the levels.  Both units on the end will require about 18 foot high reach to access and to the ceiling to clean the bronze pole they hang from.  This job will last at least a month (with two guys besides myself) as they want every single crystal piece taken down and cleaned and put back on.  The floor below the chandeliers is wood similar to a basketball floor in a gymnasium.  I will rent the scaffolding and include the price in my bid.  

I will be able to bring in the scaffolding and ladders and leave them for the duration of the job of course. He needs a total cost price and this cannot be bid on an hourly wage system.


What are some ways to come up with a total labor cost for this job?

Would you recommend any particular lift equipment to use that may be less labor intensive?

Would a waiver of liability for fair practices be advisable being these are very old chandeliers and it has been 12 years since they have been cleaned?

I am thinking 1 week on each unit with 3 of us. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Please view the pics also.

I participated in many government bids at Naval and government facilities during the 80’s and 90’s – shakedowns were always standard.

That hasn’t been my experience. I am a US Army veteran from back in 1980 until 1991 when I got out from my Natl Gaurd duty. I served in Grenada in the 82nd Airborne. I was also overseas in Germany and served in variour TDY duty stations as an instructor. A quick look at the ID card and you were in in those days. If you had a sticker/decal on your vehicle back then they just waved you on through.

Today it was mirror under the vehicle, inside check of vehicle, they ran a check on my drivers license while I waited and made me pee in a cup. (alright so I didn’t pee in a cup)

I know it’s been this way for awhile but not this intense. At least at the Naval Academy it’s a tough place to get into to. Bad thing is, I will go through that everyday if I get the work.

there are two big posts very detailed posts right now about this very thing. do a search for chandelier and see what you come up with.

Both posts in the last month or so, another post right here in the janitorial section.

Thanks…there are some good threads there and some good information there.