Bid help - Restaurant

Hi there

I got called today to look at a restaurant that will be opening Feb 26th, still on construction, but CCU was done already and the glass looks fine.

They’re looking for a bid for bi-weekly cleaning, exterior only.
Pane count is 62 - there are 18 panes on a second level, 12 can be poled, the other 6 gotta go on the roof (easy).

Janitorial company will do insides and they already have 2 bids for the exterior.
Some paint outside, not a lot, as well some silicone.

What would you do based on pictures and this information ?

I’m a residential guy, have a few commercial accounts but I was smart/lucky enough to get them at close to residential price.

I made a good impression for sure, even though it was a brief meeting - I will be preparing a proposal to be delivered in person on Saturday probably … anything helps :slight_smile:


Couple more pics

I’m assuming by “bi-weekly” your meaning every two weeks, or twice a month, and not twice a week.

My estimate would be 55 dollars. That’s for exterior only. Inside of doors and entrance way is included though. I would not clean the roof windows every time. Possibly every other month.

I’m w/ Micah pricewise on this one. I’d also do the roof ones monthly. For those I’d add $15 for the ladder set to get on the roof.

I was really, but really off on price, probably the residential guy in me :slight_smile:

I’m with you guys on the upper windows, no need to get them done every time.

$1.25 per pane is depressing to say the least. Let me swallow this and I’ll be back.

$12.00 outside only

Ahhh, it’s not that bad. You’ll steam roll through this. I’d say you’ll get the whole (minus the roof windows, so not the WHOLE job) down to 15-20 minutes… Those windows are super easy to clean, and exterior only… you won’t have to worry bout booths or customers…

You’ll like this account.

Draper … C’moooon :slight_smile:

Micah, you’re absolutely right. Is a short drive, there are other buildings being built in that area, and even thought I think that I cannot get that done in 20 mins it won’t take long.

Thanks you guys.

4 real? x’s 10 here in ct.

And so can you Carlos

I’m depressed to, man. $55??? I have( What I thought) were a few really low priced store fronts. There nothing compared to $55 for that whole thing. I would put in two bids. The first bid: $125 every two weeks, and emphasis that you’ll do the top windows and the interior of the waiting area( I don’t know how big it is, but within reason). Little kids, adults, and general mongrels put there hands all over the inside of that area. It’d be nice to get them professionally cleaned. If they don’t like the price, atleast they can go w/ the 2nd bid:
75 or higher for ground level stuff… Make sure they know you clean the sills and frames… they’ll love you for making one swipe to get the dust and cob webs off.


P.s. Also coming from a “resi guy”, I guess.

I’d shoot for around $60.00 per cleaning exterior only.


Did I win?


?Que Paso, Mi Amigo?

I am glad to hear that you are getting calls like you have been. I am glad business is going well for you. I instantly looked at the pics and thought $60 plus tax on this babe. That is for not doing the roof windows.

Then I thought about having a second price for the roof windows included. That’s all too confusing to a restaurant manager.

My bid on this would be $65.00 + tax, and I’d only do the roof windows every other month–as long as know one is looking through them. Just tell the manager that you’ll throw in the roof windows bi-monthly.

My madness is as follows:

20 minutes for the job once your familiar with it…
45 for the whole thing including the roof windows…

in two months of work this might be your math:

20 min X 3 regular cleanings = 80 minutes
45 min X 1 roof cleanings = 45 minutes

$65.00 X 4 cleanigns =$260.00
$260.00 divided by 125 minutes (or roughly two hours) = Almost $120/hour.

That is nice Jack, Carlos!

You shouldn’t touch this one for less than $50/cleaning. Any commercial jobs (even restaurant) like this one should pay that. Just be sure to let them know the benefits of your work (regular schedule, wipe the sills, always in uniform, un-beatable customer services, etc.).

Good Luck.

I am kidding. I would be at 50 min and would want about 65. Would all depend if I really wanted it or not.

Lets see what happens, thanks for the information, it got real value for me.
I do have a few commercial accounts but out of my inexperience I did price them really high and got them and I believe that spoiled me a little bit, besides the fact that I don’t have almost any experience in commercial, but this might be a good start.

Thanks again

Hey Bert, nice breakdown :slight_smile:

That is how I think when I am doing most of my quotes. I use a per window formula, a PITA formula, a gut reaction, and a breakdown of time formula to give me my price. I put all of this together and write the bid. 50% of this info stays in my head, while I write down the other 50% so I can reference it when I am ready to start the job or am looking at how my prices are set.

That’s cool, I think experience will help to develop my own system.