Bid my cleaning

I don’t know if anyone has seen this article or not?
How do you think it will effect your business? Currently in San Diego & Houston soon to go nationwide in USA.

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I like the idea but I dont see it sticking. One of the things I personaly feel is bad about the internet is when you have to fill out a form to receive back information like bids or prices. I think people are still weary about doing that stuff. Also what is the customer going to get? They will get the lowest guy. No problem I guess as long as the work is good. Besides these type of businesses have been around for a long time on the net. (Service Magic) Nothing new. Many times the companies that buy into the service stop bidding on the jobs as it cost them money and they don’t always get the gig.

But I think as long as you/me/everyone else has built up a strong relationship with their current customer base, then things will be fine. Take the gas prices. People have been talking about the economy and gas prices. How will this effect your bottom line? Well for me this year I have not seen the hit in the line of work. I still get calls for work and I’m fully booked this year. I have had to rasie my prices though to cover the gas. It’s costing me $60 per day some days just to go back and forth to the home in gas. I have rasied my dbl hung price from $10 to $12 per window. I’m still booking my estimates. Kind of ****ed me off as i was nervous about the raise. I thought I would not be booking many jobs. But nope. Customers are booking. I thought man I should have done this last year. a 20 window home is now bringing me in an addtional $40 and that covers the gas no problem. Sometimes I am lucky and the job is close to my house so that charge covers gas for a few other homes and their rasied price is gravy.

I thought man I should have done this last year.

Time to raise again. Don’t wait until next year.

Keep going until you start getting consistent job rejection because of price. Not merely price resistance, but job rejection because of price.

I once read a gem that in effect said “try and charge the amount that will leave people loving doing business with you, and very pleased with your service, but grumbling under their breath that your prices are high”.

Whatever you’re charging now, try asking for twice as much the next time someone calls. Or at least $100 more. Whatever price you were going to give them, add $100 to it before the price comes out of your mouth…