Bidding Advise Needed A.S.A.P!

Received a call yesterday about providing a exterior WC esimate on 816 storm windows on a commercial 4 -6 story building.

Question 1 - should I charge by the window or by my hrly. rate.

Q 2 - should I clean the windows from the outside using a H2O fed pole or from the inside.

Bid due 12/15/08

Are you talking about washing just the exterior of the storm window , or a full exterior and both sides of the storm

just the exterior of the storm

just the exterior part of the storm window

six floors would be about 50ft, if you got a pole that will reach and the storms don’t leak then thats how I would do it,

I agree w/ macroomboy. If the pole will reach then do it that way. I’d also give them a bid that’s a little of both per hour and per window. Take your per piece price then figure how long it will likely take. If the hourly or per piece seems outrageous then meet somewhere in the middle of both. That’s the way I do it on large jobs and rarely ever miss making my hourly goal.

I currently do not own a pole. I would ask for a down payment and use that $ to purchase a pole system.

So, if I charge lets say $70 per hour and I chagre $10 per window. My bid price should be between $3500 - $4000 but, @ these prices i will not be able to make a profit after buyinng a pole system. Perhaps should I ask if I can enter the building and remove the storms and clean them that way.

You said 816 windows. Is that panes or units w/ 2 panes each. If units your pane price would be $4000+. You could get a Xtel 60ft carbon fiber from WCR for under $2000 that would reach those heights. Then rent some DI tanks locally. A few dollars in hose and fittings and you’d have a $1000+ in profits and a new pole to tackle the next big gig (that you should be marketing for right away).

In that case I think your profit is the pole system

question 1: Charge whatever you want to make this job worthwhile. I recommend a flat rate, for the whole job. Incidentally, you said there are 816 windows, right? $10/window is $8000+.

question 2: hard to say without seeing the job, or accurately knowing the logistics of it…push whichever method would be more lucrative for you. Speed will likely be the money-making key in all this.

Stuart as usual we would be happy to rent out our man power to you. ACWC can help you crank this baby out in a day if need be.

Lets see a photo of this building.
Good luck with the bid.