Bidding costs?

I am new at the window cleaning business, and I am just wondering what is a good price to start at as far as residential? I have heard $1 a window, to $2.50 a window. So my question is what are others thoughts on where to start?

Have a minimum. I recently changed mine to $100 minimum. Price depends on the windows. Keep in mind you will do Res. far less frequently then Com…so you would typically charge more for Res.

Read more in this forum and you will find discussions on Res Price.

You might be confusing commercial prices with residential. Many people charge those type of prices for commercial, but I don’t know of any that charge that type of prices for residential.

Residential is usually priced higher because it takes longer per window, the windows are usually dirtier, ladder work slows you down and other factors.

There is also no such thing as the “right” price.

You are free to experiment, and you, as the big boss, can set it as high or as low as you wish to experiment with. Some charge $5, others $20+ per window.

A per pane price on a true divided light window could fall in that range.

that looks like fun

You’ll have to find out what the market will bear in your area. That greatly depends on what kind of houses you are targeting as well. Setting a minimum is a good way of insuring that you’ll at least make some money as you’re first starting out. My minimum is $200.00. This weeds out the people would really want first class service and the people who only want the exterior windows that they can’t reach washed. I explain the minimum to the future customer as my way of keeping estimates free.

Around Connecticut I can easily get $5 for a small easy window. Doublehungs start at $7 and go up to $20 depending on the window type, the height, the ease of access, and the amount of filth on them.

True divideds can range from fidy cent to $1 per pane.

I myself, charge a minimum of $64 an hour regardless on residential and double hung minimum $250 plus $4 a storm and upwards on larger older homes, so whether it has 8 windows and a door its $250 plus storms and those larger bigger 1920/30s style homes (pain the butt) typically $700-$2,300 which took 1.5 days using 4 of us, still pretty good money. I use help and pay my contract workers $12-$15 an hour.