Bidding Large Commercial

Just curious how you all charge? Lets be real to assign an exact dollar amount to a 3 story window your going to be cleaning from a lift or with a 35 to 65 foot pole is not easy or a giant wall of glass. Take a wall of glass that you can do with the waterfed pole in half an hour. Well you could charge $45.00 for that and be done in 30 minutes and thats $90.00 hour but are you really gonna charge $45.00 to clean a 3 story wall of glass for a property that has money just because you can do it in half an hour. I have found that counting hundreds or thousands of windows and doing a per pane price is too much work and not accurate. I have also found that an average hourly rate would make you lose some serious dough. If I do a 4 story hospital in a day with a waterfed pole that doesn’t mean I am going to quote $800.00 because thats good money in a day. Its still a 4 story hospital and worth more than $800.00. I have found that personally I estimate how many days it will take and set a flat rate per day plus resin bags & lift cost as I don’t have employees. I don’t care who you are your not gonna look at a monster property and get it down to the minute or hour. However to say okay its gonna take 4 days so I am gonna quote 4.5 or 5 days seems much simpler. Anyways just curious when you bid large commercial and you are all said and done what does your per man hour rate come down to. Even if you don’t bid it that way, I am just curious. If I do the math on mine. If I look at my large commercial jobs I am getting anywhere from $150 an hr to $300.00 a man hr and usually being the middle bid. Its crazy because who walks around and quotes at such a high rate like that but if I quoted at my residential $70.00 an hr I would be losing tons of money or turning off companies that would think I am a cheapo. Long story short how are you bidding these monster jobs? I even have a job I do and one of their buildings is $3,400.00 and me and one guy wfp it in 2.5 hrs. Thats $340.00 a man hour and we are the middle bid. I mean I am by no means walking around going lets charge $340.00 a man hour.

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By the way I know it is a run on and there is some grammar errors. I tried to fix it and a box that said 403 forbidden keeps popping up and wont let me.

Yeah, you need to make paragraphs to break up the wall of text. I didn’t read 90% of it, commercial: work out you daily rate x by how many people x how many days = your price.

What do you consider a good daily rate? $800 for a days work for one person is good money. However I would be losing a ton on all of my jobs where I am significantly higher than that and still the middle bid.