Okay so today I went to go do a bid on a house, the house has 22 windows and it’s 2 story’s it should take me about a little under 2 man hours but their is also a sunroom that is in a triangular slant . How would I go about cleaning the top. Don’t have a wfp. Will it be okay to walk on top of it. Any ways I got the job and I bid it for 475 including sunroom. I am thinking that the whole job is going to take somewhere in the area of 5-6 mh hopefully less. Any ideas on this sunroom will be helpfully.

Also what do you guys think about the price underbidded? Or just right

You won’t know if you under bid it til you finish, if you’re making $50/hr I’d say you did better than average on the price.

My boss charges 100 an hour but realistically since I’m just starting out on my own what rate should I be shooting for

Your boss?

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Oh boy…

What’s the big deal? My boss doesn’t service my town and I don’t do any work in the towns that he services.

i know painter and plumber companys that let their employees do cash jobs on the weekends for some extra dough.

In your case, the fact that you are asking us how to bid a job sounds like you are hiding from your boss.
and by the sounds of it, I dont know what boss wouldnt service an area thats close enough for his employee
to drive from.

I have a feeling that your “boss” doesnt have you on payroll and just pays you cash so in that case you should start
servicing his area too. You both can screw eachother over.

No big deal doing sidework.

Sounds like you guys have an understanding worked out. In that case, it’s not a big deal

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I live an hour away from my work. So it is pretty far and that’s why he doesn’t service this area. However their are other window cleaners in my area. Like washed up said their is no problem doing side jobs especially when your boss doesn’t service the area. Now back to my question can someone please give me some useful tips on doing this sunroom?

Can you post some pictures of the sunroom? Is it outside only or in and out? How large is the sunroom?

It’s in and out unfortunately I can’t post pics till I do the job

Did it look like this?

with it being over a 100 degrees for most of the last 3-4 weeks, that just looks like a miserable hot box on stilts to me with the roof being glass too!

The roof is more steeper

You could use a wagtail on a pole from the top of your ladder if you don’t want to walk on the roof. BTW, If the top of the roof has algae on it, you may want to use some simple green and a truck washing brush or a doodle bug with a white pad first. Good luck.

I would be careful if you walk up on the top of the sunroom. If you break something you can kiss all your profits good by.