Bidmycleaning dot com

has anyone been coming across does this model really work? is the window cleaning service making any noise in anyone’s market?

I dont use any service that gives the customer the option to decide what my service is worth. I have seen tv commercials recently for midas (I think) where they’re telling customers to tell them how much they think they should pay for new breaks and they will try to meet the price. I think that just opens the door for serious BS IE insults, nasty comments, bad word of mouth (thats out of your control). Customers most often misunderstand those types of options. Heck I have a lot of seniors here who still think window cleaning their homes should be done for $10.00 and a $0.25 tip.

Just did a test run with them, then did a search of 2 of the companies, things don’t seem quite right. All the sites on the first page are links of the area real random (bad/cheap or free sites) and you might find a review, but did finally find a company site through a link, second company could not find. Is this a legit deal or what?

Hey Ray, you get tips from them?

No I don’t take tips. Never do as the owner of the company. But I allow my employees to take them. The amount I listed is exaggerated, but they are seriously low when they tip my helpers. I think the lowest I saw was $2.00 and max $5.00. Comparing to my normal age customers who will tip $10 to $20. But the the lady who tipped the $2 made a big deal about it. lol. Honestly it was kind of cute cause she was going in and out of crazy and mentioned to my helper “dont spend that all in one place young lady.”