Big 1.5 cubic foot DI tank

Was doing my homework and spoke (emailed) a local company about renting DI tanks. They offered me a 1.5 cubic foot tank with no rental fee and $80 whenever I want to exchange for a new one.

This sounds like a good deal to me, however I haven’t really heard anything on a tank this big. Would this thing be a pain to move around? Anybody have any experiences with this size tank?

Mine is .75 cubic feet and the thing is pretty heavy once it has water in it. Also remember that you have to keep it upright so that the layered resin doesn’t mix and exhaust quickly. I dunno how easy it would be to keep it upright with a 100lb tank.

The reason you can not lay it down doesn’t have to do with the layers of resin. The resin is already mixed when it is added to the empty vessel.

As for the weight. 1.5 cubic feet will weigh about 70 pounds dry. Then the weight of the vessel and all the water. Pretty heavy.

This is kinda what I am worried about. However, I guess I could mount it in my van, and just run hose and not bother taking it out or moving it except when swapping the tank. I wonder how tall this tank will be. I’ve never see a DI tank in person so I don’t know how big the 1/2 cube or full cube are either.

What is the reason you can’t lay it down then? Will it clog something up if it is on it’s side?

From what Chris told me when i picked up my tank last week the resin depletes in layers… I’d imagine from the top down. When you lay the tank on its side the expired layer and fresh layer mix together and shorten the resin life.

EDIT: My tank ended up on its side whil I was strapping it into my truck today. Wonderful.

Yeah that makes sense.

Have you noticed a higher TDS count since you knocked it over or is it too soon to tell?

Too soon to tell, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow but I’ve only gotten maybe 5 hours of actual use out of this resin so far, so maybe it wont make too much of a difference. Either way, I’m a WFP newbie so I’m still earning the basics of resin life, I have no benchmark yet.

What’s your TDS there in California?

it may clog
but I used to lay one down for transport and slide it out and stand it up to use, did that many many times, no problem

the real problem is in using it on it’s side, the water isn’t forced thru all the resin from the bottom up, instead the resin settles when the tank is on its side, and the water that goes in the tank just rises to the top where the least resistance is and the air pocket and just shortcuts thru without being filtered thru the resin.

prob doesn’t make sense without a picture

350-450 in so cal

about 4 feet tall

How about those 3.0’s they drop off at car dealerships, massive, like fridge type heavy, you’d need 2 people to just tip and slide it in the back of a truck.

I don’t know for sure yet because I don’t have a meter. But I just checked that site that Chris C. just posted about and it seems to be running between a low of 7 and a high of 71.

No that makes sense- I can visualize how that would happen.

Thats not too bad. I could mount it in the van standing up. I don’t want to mess with moving it around though.

Thats a pretty big size, we carry them occasionally. But the 1/2 cubers always sell best.

Yeah I need to see if they have smaller ones. I had mentioned the 1 cubic foot ones to them in my email, but they said they use the 1.5. So I don’t know if thats all they have.

I plan to use the DI tank for a little while, then buy an EZ pure from you guys.

those are like the little 2 foot high ones?

the tank exchange co said those are mostly used for electronics (where he dropped them off most), rinsing circuit boards etc or for labs and medical use. (obviously not heavy use)

so I never got them regularly from the exchange co, but wanted them because they could stand upright in the bed of a truck and not even be seen or just carried to a location on a big site (before all this flood of water pole equipment became available)

FOund out that I got a 1/4 of the gallons of the tank twice the size (110 for me), not enough and almost the same exchange fee.

Is there a difference in resin life between a 1/2 and full tank or is a large tank more about the convenience of changing the resin half as many times?