Big bid next week,need help pricing

So I’m bidding on this huge building next week,it has over 500 panes.I only have to clean the exterior,i was going to charge $4.50 each pane,but should i drop that down a little sense there’s so…many windows,if i win it,i would like to clean it every quarter,there’s no way they will have me do it every month?That would be nice though!!

I’m kinda shocked that no one has replied to your post, since it was posted 11/26.

Many factors that you have NOT MENTIONED, will affect pricing.

All I know is that there are over 500 panes and it’s only exterior.

How BIG are the panes? Is there hard water deposit stains on the bottom row that you maybe expected to remove?
So, am I going to have to rent a lift?
Can I do them all with just a ladder, what?

1 Story, 2 Story, 3 Story building?

If you have any photos of the building, that would be a great plus … Post 'em!
Is this a one time clean, multiple cleans?

I would asked all these Q’s and many more, before I submitted any type of quote.
As this frequency rate for the cleaning will certainly make a BIG difference in the pricing.
Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, know what is expected of you from the customer BEFORE going in.

And follow-up w/ results, I’d be interested in knowing what transpires.

Your price may be a good one, but like Mrwindow said, more info is needed…pictures would help. No, monthly ain’t gonna happen more than likely unless that budget is fat, and not many out there have a fat budget…500 panes can be done pretty quickly, if you can get that done in under 8 hours, with 3 men or less? You’re over what other bids are gonna come in at.