Big Bucks in Blind Cleaning Episode #1


COOL! Put me down for 2 machines. :smiley:

I’m already excited for episode 2.

Did he really throw that keyboard in there :eek:

What does a machine like that cost ? Is it easy to move around when it is not full of water ?

What do you charge for each blind cleaned?

What happens to the dirt and debris? Does it simply settle to be removed later?

can I throw the Ol’ lady in there??

That was awesome Scott!

I will take your credit info as soon as you are ready!

Yes I did! Typeing on it right now. I about threw up when I saw all the dirt and who knows what come out of it!

Depending on size and setup a machine similar to mine can run you any where from $6000.00-30,000.00. I have seen complete trailer setups for around 45g’s. you can find them on ebay for good prices. Most of them have wheels so you can move them. Empty they roll pretty easy but if you want to pick it up they are heavy. That tank is made from 16 gauge stainless steel. it took four guys to lift it out of the truck.

Depending on the type of blind and the size I charge from $12-35.00 per blind plus pick and delivery charge. little cheaper if they bring them in to me.

The dirt stays in the tank until drained. First couple of blinds the water looks like tea but after about 30-40 (most of the time less) you can’t see your hand under an inch of water it’s so black. at one end of the tank you have two valves for draining. drains in about 15 mins. wash out the dirt that is left over with a hose.

If she will fit. the kids too! It will wash anything that can be put in water and fit in the tank. These are more commenly used for industrial applications but you can find them as small as a shoe box(just like what they use to clean jewelry in a jewlery store). They make do make them for fire restoration. computers monitors have been known to be cleaned. Also things as big as air plane parts and engine blocks.

Thanks glad you enjoyed it. Now if I could find someone to hold the camera I could at least try to achieve the greatness you have already displayed.

All credit goes to my awesome camera crew - Mrs. Squeegee!:wink:

surprised you didn’t chuck the camera in the cleaner :smiley:

I much as I would like to I don’t think it would work to well after. Soon I am going to try a clock radio. That is the interesting thing about these machines. What will it clean? Yesterday I cleaned some plastic plants. tommorow I will be cleaning some 10 year old verticles, air duct vents, and two oven hood filters.

why not bath in it?

exposing the skin to the ultrasonic process will remove the oils from the skin leaving the skin very very dry. Most manufactures of these machines say you should not expose your skin to it. Do I do it? yes…but only my hands. besides I don’t remember the days I was small enough to fit in a tank that small.


Maybe 3 years ago at an IWCA convention, they had one of those machines. The person doing the demo cleaned my watch. It was pretty nasty seeing the crud come off of it.

what does a machine like that cost? is that just water in there?

Josh they cost from whatever you can buy them for used up to about 35,000. I bought mine for about 2000 on ebay. You just have to watch for them.

I don’t understand how the water will not corrode or mess up electronic goods?
Is the rinse pure water?