Big Bucks in Blind Cleaning Episode #2


Great explanation of the process! Thanks.

Great video! Thanks for taking the time. I was wondering about another similar servce that I know Wayne Miller does with practically nothing for equipment. (you can get the snake and brush at Ace Hardware) Dryer Vent Cleaning?

I’m gonna try some this year and see how much extra cash I can drum up. It’s time to attempt to offer the services that prevent a family from losing everything during hard times. Anybody else currently doing this service?

Thanks Scott! Good info!

Well done Scott, good info as usual.

About dryer vent cleaning, I believe that Phil does it, or at least he did it in the past.
It would be a nice add on once you’re there, and as far as I know it doesn’t involve a lot of tools.
If someone has the knowledge and time and don’t mind sharing it will be nice to learn something new.

Thanks everyone. As far as cleaning goes unless I get a request I am tapped. I am however going to do a few videos on basic but needed blind repair, different types of blinds, and maybe things on sales if anyone wants to get into that. I do have a Graber distributor that works with people all over the states and will drop ship to you if you are into or want to get into the sales end. I like to share my knowledge on this topic and even though it strays from window cleaning I feel that it’s close enough to make some good money. cleaning and repair/sales. Let me know if you guys have any requests and I will try to take care of them for you.

Great info, thanks. Can you clean storm windows in there? Can you fan with it?:smiley:

I could if you can find the rubber to fit it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I want to see that video!

Thanks, Scott. The camera loves you…