Big Bucks in Blind Cleaning Episode #3


Good stuff, Scott!

Thanks Tony. It’s an easy repair that can bring in $30-50 a blind. If you are cleaning metal blinds it’s not a matter of “if” you break a wand but “when” you break a wand.

Cool demo Scott.

But I don’t see that kind of blind around here much, not in residential at least.
Here is wood or faux wood mostly, but in this particular case the procedure should be the same for that repair.

Should be the exact same only the tilt motor will be about 2 inches in size verses a 1 inch like in a metal blind. The only other differance would be if the blind has a tilt mechinism that is made with string, at which point you don’t see to many problems with breakage. In those cases it’s more or less improper use and stripping gears. for that the repair process is about the same with a more time consuming ordeal of wrapping the string into the motor.