Big Front door!

I just got a job with a front door that is huge and has 18 cut-ups and I think its lead-glass. All the glass is beveled so im thinking of using a foam glass cleaner on the door… What is lead glass and is there a special way to clean it??


Spray foam cleaner, or a 50/50 mix of DI and alcohol, works well. Scrub with one huck or microfiber towel and dry/buff with another.

Thats what i was going to do, But what is lead glass??? I dont think im going to scrape on it!!!

Its leaded glass, it is the mosaic style most often seen in churches. The lead in leaded glass is what the use to hold the glass in place. They are often very fragile and will sometimes have a serious bow to them. We generally wet them carefully with a soaker(thats not soaking wet) use one huck to take up most of the water and a second huck to dry/detail/buff.

Hunter is not kidding when he says carefully. If the lead is old and wearing out, a little preasure from the rag can cause it to fall out. And if that happens lord help you in getting the replacement. If it’s a strange cut you can be cutting right into your wallet.

So thats what leaded glass is!!! Then its not leaded glass!!! Its a huge door with 17 panes in that are different shapes and they are thick glass and beveled. I bought me some foam glass cleaner to clean them with and thanks for the input!!! Thanks

On first time cleaning on those doors I try to use steel wool before the foam, it really makes a difference.

Here you can see a $200 mistake, and is only one beveled piece, the fluted glass is not custom and available at any glass shop. We didn’t break it while cleaning it by them way, it was the “flying” brush who did it :slight_smile: