Big Glass, How to bid them?

I’ve been given the opportunity bid on a couple car dealerships and would like to see if theres any other way besides per hr to rate the cost?

If your good you can know how long the job will take.
If your guys are going to do it Bid higher.
$75 to $100 a hour for workers to do a job.
So $800 for 8 hours. Problem dealers are cheap and will drop you for a lower bid.

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Or will just leave them dirty


Technically we all charge by the hour. Those of us that price by window or pane count have a predetermined amount of time that we expect it to take to clean the window and charge according to that.


Big panes clean up a lot faster per sq ft than smaller storefront panes. So if the pane is twice as big as usual don’t expect to get twice as much money to clean it.


Yeah, but the customer thinks that they’re harder to clean. I might add 25% to my normal storefront price. Depends on how competitive the market is.


The main Edge I have in my old age is I will WFP all outside if I can!

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My storefront pricing system is per pane and based off how much work it is for my body.

Normal height, reachable without a pole? $1 per pane
If I have to bend over to clean the bottom or use a pole? $1.50 per pane

Pane is wider than my outstretched arms? Add $1.00
Pane is taller than I am? Add $1.00


That’s funny! I use kinda the same damn system except it’s based off the size of storefront door not me.


That’s like a 3ft by 3ft window…:wink:


I like big glass and I cannot like.

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Youuuuuuu jerk. Lol

Yes, I am small.


Exactly perceived value. first off there are a lot of thjmgs I look at when it comes to pricing things . Not just the number of plates

So with that said if one dealership had 20 medium size plates an another dealership has 20 large plates. I’m price the dealship with 20 large plates higher
It’s still more glass to clean an thsts the way there thinking too.

It’s easier for me to clean a house with cut ups when I use my WFP, than when I use traditional tools
I don’t price it cheaper because I invested in equipment to make it easier


An IHOP with 20 plates an a clothing store with the same 20 plates both in/out

What are you pricing higher ?

Well for me it’s the IHOP with 20 plates why because 2 reasons.

  1. I jace to be there early befor 7am for the most part… F that there are only so many of these you can do

  2. The IHOP has Tables next to the glass in an out of those booths are a PIA

So this whole by the plate thing drives me crazy. Ya count the plates , but let’s not let that be the deciding factor

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I get atleaat 2 or 3 phone calls a year. Goes like this

I have 20 double hungs an 10 casements
How much do you get per window

I wanna say keep shopping I’m not your guy


Very carefully

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