Big HELLO from the UK


Some of you I know already and some of you I don’t…‘nice to meet you’ to those I don’t!

Its great to see that I’m not the only one passionate about the window cleaning industry!

Looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing some thoughts, experience and ideas.

Mark Henderson

Hello Mark! I remember you well from months past over on the NWCD forum.

Good to see you again Mate;)

Hi Craig,

Yeah I remember you too, its been a while!

Some exciting things going on in here. Great idea with the video blogs showcasing tools.

Thanks Mark. Glad to see you here.

Welcome aboard Mark!

Welcome to the other side Mark.
By the way, Mark lives over in Italy, so we can see each other with binoculars. I have also asked Mark to be my stand-in for the blog. We are also both married to “foreigners”.

Hi Karl!

Yeah its great living in Italy and window cleaning. There’s no such thing as a ‘window cleaner’ here really. It’s not a known trade as such.

There are cleaning companies obviously, but window cleaning is just one of the services they might offer.

Most high street shops just clean their own windows. At least in the region that I live, maybe in the city its different.

That gives me the advantage of having no competition but at the same time the disadvantage of overcoming the mentality that as a shopkeeper you clean the windows yourself.

It was slow to get going, but now it’s snowballed and we can’t keep up with the work we are getting coming in. We get people stop and watch because they are not used to seeing the techniques we use.

Strange, because Pulex (ICP Eagle) have a factory in Brescia (kind of near Milan) and Ettore Steccone, the guy who invented the squeegee in the 30’s was an Italian immigrant that moved to the US.

I just realised, this thread is ‘a big HELLO from the UK’

I guess I still feel part of the UK window cleaning scene because of the involvement I have with the window cleaning resources site in the UK.

Mark, when did you move to Italy and why?

How did you end up with a .uk address without living there?

Any advise on selling window cleaning to those not used to the idea?

No, we don’t have any shop keepers like in our city, do we Mike? :wink:


Mark, when did you move to Italy and why?

How did you end up with a .uk address without living there?

Any advise on selling window cleaning to those not used to the idea?

  1. I moved to Italy 3 years ago. I married an Italian girl and we lived in the UK for a few years but she was homesick. When my little boy was born I decided it was the right time to move to Italy.

  2. I still have a business in the UK.

  3. Sell the idea of saving them time and hassle. What takes you 10 minutes could take them an hour.

In a close community (whether residential or shops) find the most influential character of the group and do them a REALLY good deal. Do a really good job and be friendly. They’ll likely tell all their friends about this great new service.

Its funny, but all my mates have moved out of the UK. If they haven’t then they are looking for options. The only happy ones are those living in rural areas. Strangley enough, most who want to get out, do it for their childrens sake.

Nothing to do with the weather then Karl:D


We had hail stones last week. The worlds weather has gone crazy.
The weather helps, I think that quality of life is the the appealing factor.