Big job for me. Took 13 hrs. Good or bad?

[MENTION=36772]cactus27[/MENTION]. You do that for 2, 3 and 4th floor windows also?

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hey derrell, i have only done it a couple times mostly i trust the wfp and just spend more time than perry says to. my other pole is long enough to reach 2nd storey but no higher and my mini will reach the third floor on a walkout basement house but would not reach a full 3 storey plus basement.
taller work would make it less efficient unless one person presoaped and the other wfp’d. i am thinking of getting one of those 2 headed adapters so i can put a soaped t bar on the back of wfp or making a flip over a la wagtail style for a soapy pad or bronze cloth.
usually for dirty windows i go over the whole thing then work on the frame and top while the glass soaks. then rinse top and scrub the glas while top drips.
i we are doing outs only i usally do the job myself while my helper canvasses and leaves flyers. i am usually grossing $60-90 per man hour. just need more customers.