Big squeegee pull size?

Guys what size channel do you pull with on big store front windows to save you time? 22-30?
And if you have a slayer channel do I need the guard for it?
One more thing!
Will ettore pro + fit on unger pole tip?

20 inch Ettore backflip

24 all day long 30 if it makes sense. It should fit if not buy a wood tip or plastic they screw on to the pole.

I use 22inch along with my 18s


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I know a lot of guys do but fanning must be a b!

No not at all. Ive been using a 24" for years on store fronts even on doors its all I use that’s what everyone uses out here doesn’t make it right its just how I was taught. believe me since comin on this forum I change a lot of things but that’s one I will never change. I know your not telling me to change just saying. Oh an everyone uses sectionals also ;). An what they say goes.

18"-26" for the most part.

36 inch hammer all day. People look in amazement.

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Use what ever is comfortable in your hand.

Depends on if you pull the window or if you fan it.

If your using the pull technique longer is better(covers more surface per pull)(wide body channel)

if you fan I would not go anything shorter than 20"

I use 20" its what Im use to. (For storefronts)

24 inch ninja, its amazing and a time saver only three pulls from side to side and its done. with my 20 inch it took 4 pulls, saving that extra pull makes a world of a difference in energy used and time saved.

fanning the same window with an 18 or 20’ takes more energy. just saying.

I wanna like this twice but I couldn’t . I agree with everything except the ninja .

the 24 inch ninja is the only ninja channel that I like, with those big fat clips on the end it sucks for residential but on commerciall where things arent so tight it works great.

for resi i like sorbo channels, havent tried slayer or pickle but if its a duplicate of sorbo then it should be good too.

I love the ninja handles though, best in the world, allows for me to close on any window with steep frames.

Gave up on the ninja channel an ettore super channels Ninja handle is great with a Sorbo channel I use the unger ergo techs also

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Your both wrong.

The fastest way to do storefronts is

No need for different size channels or sectionals…:wink:

Yes the pro+ fits an unger tip, I use this combo everyday. It does not lock on just press on.

I have a 24, 30, and 36 ettore super channel for store front. I can not get the windows streak free with these.

I use a 16" wagtail and love it. Its more fun.

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Steve nice setup but you are right and wrong at the same time.

  • I have several storefronts that are in boutique malls so dripping water is a no no.
  • I also need to do the insides of some of these storefronts so it would be a waste of time to setup the wfp and then switch to traditional for the interior.
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LOL…not my setup…just posted a pic of a setup that I like, to make a point of use what ever is comfortable for you to use.

I know what you mean by switching between wfp and trad. and drips are always a no no…:cool:

Ya I didn’t want to start a war. Just needed to know what to order. We’ve been picking up alot of store fronts left and right. So something fast. And wanted to know what y’all were using thanks for the input! I’m fixing to order. To buy a bigger set up. But I made a rule to myself to pick up two more before I do! Lol

Theres no war here…:cool:

Its great to here your getting storefronts left and right.

So what size channels are you go with?

I’ve been rocking them out with two handed (washer in one, 16 in the other)
So I’m going to get a 26 or 24
I like to fan. So maybe a 22 lol you know how hard it is to figure out what you like and want to use