Big thanks to Jordie!

Hi everyone. I know I’m rarely over here since 95% of my business is pressure washing, but for some reason (maybe covid-19 related and people stuck at home staring out windows?) my calendar is packed with window cleaning. @Jordie made the Xero Pure RO/DI, WFP, and screen cleaner package happen a few weeks ago and I don’t know how I lived without the stuff. He’s also been really responsive when I’ve had questions. I’m super grateful for you big guy!

Straight pulls and sorbo squeegees in KC.


Who’s this pro? And you said you don’t clean windows… :star_struck:

My pleasure, Rowdy. WC is a nice change of pace from PW and vice versa. I’m glad this finally worked out for you. Best wishes!


Welcome bro! Glad to hear you are rolling with the times, adapting and surviving.
Feel free to ask me anything that @TheWindowCleanse Jordie can’t answer. :wink:


Thanks for the order!

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Jordie is seriously the best. Hooked me up big time with my Xero pure x2. I can say for the whole WCR team especially jordie that they are honest beyond compare. Never dealt with a company that won’t say absolutely anything to convince you to buy the most expensive option of anything. I’m a lifetime customer of WCR because of guys like Jordie. Jealous of that screen cleaner! Might be my next purchase…


I agree completely. from @John @TheWindowCleanse @Chris and @Jersey they have advised me to not waste money on certain items others have recommended. I feel like I’m buying local from friends with these good folks.

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