Bigger DI for my EZ pure

Does anyone have a EZ Pure and hooked up a bigger DI filter? I’m burning through these things like crazy even after letting the water flush before the DI filters as was recommended. I realize these things don’t hold a lot of resin and I also wonder if it channels sometimes even though I try to spin it around in its case once in a while to prevent that. Any ideas on fitting a bigger tank on this puppy?

How many houses can you do be for it’s spent?

I just put a new DI and Carbon in about a month ago and have used it on a dozen houses at the most.

There’s only about 1/8th cubic feet of resin in the EZpure DI. I burned through one in 2 jobs. Gotta get a bigger tank.

I am building my own pure water system and going to buy a 1/2 cubic feet tank like the one sold through wca. Much better and cheaper in the long run.

Before changing out your DI setp, have you taken a reading going in and coming out of the RO? it should be reducing the TDS by at least 95%. if your RO is not dong its job correctly then you’ll certainly burnthrough DI filters fast.

NOTE: I don’t own an EZ Pure but have taken my knowledge of working with the Hydrotube system.

Check each RO coming out and see what you are getting.Only one may be bad and giving you a false reading from the two.

Try disconnecting the DI when you first start running the system, let it run for a few mins and shake it about a bit before connecting. I fitted the dual TDS meter so I can see the DI output and see the TDS lower when shaking. Also the carbon may need changing, to be honest I switched out my DI & Carbon so I can refill them myself (axeon housings)