Bigger IS better

I don’t care what you choose. Slayer, Sorbo, Vader, or Pickle. When you are doing route work with lots of big glass, especially auto dealerships, you really NEED those big squeegees. My choice is 22, 24, 32, and 36 inch. Anyone have any special tricks for using the big guys? And one more thing. Those Purdy snap lock poles. Has anyone ever tried them. I have two. They are the very best poles in my opinion. Have tried so many different poles over the last 36 years. Trouble is I can’t find any more of them out there.


You mean the heavy as f==k fiberglass painter poles?

Been a long time since I did a car dealership, but I usesda 36" Sorbo and a 24" window mop.
I would wet up as many 9’ x 7’ panes as I could, depending on the heat and just straight pull horizontally across them all.

Yes. They are heavy. If I had a metal shop I know I could build the best pole in the world for window cleaning. It would be a multiple locker but very light. And yes Matt. I too favor the 36 and 24 for dealerships. Sometimes a 32 comes in real handy. I just hack a 36 down with a saw.