Biggest Job Yet

I received a call to bid on an assisted living facility and usually pass up jobs as big as these as I have been a one-man show for most of my time as a window cleaner, also have had a few employees over the years but I am thinking about expanding and need some good advice on how to approach doing a big commercial job such as this. Any hard lessons or sage advice you care to share would be much appreciated!
Check out the photos and here are my notes from on-site

Bldg A: entryway 14 panes lowers floor to ceiling
Inner Courtyard A: 60p uppers 26 screens ups
S side (front) 138 p ups 90scrns (2nd/3rd story)
E side:
32p low 7s low
26p ups 11s ups
Drawbridge 30p ups 16s ups
N side: 9p low 4 s low 20p ups 8s ups
W side: 20p low 10s low 36p ups 16s ups
Bulding B: n side: 2p ups 1s up
E side: 36p ups 15s ups
32 p low 15s low
S side: 24p ups 5s ups
12p med low 6s med low
W side: 18p ups 6s ups
Entry ways B 8p low 16p low 7s

Get maintenance to remove the screens… when you put a bid in make sure to include the price for screen removal/install as it’s own line item.
Most of the time they will have their staff remove screens and save a good chunk of $$$ and you won’t have to deal with how awful removing that many screens would be


SO TRUE! last year the staff removed the screens on two three sorry active living facilities. They took 6 months to get the screens back up. This year they ask me to remove and torn them.
230 screens. I was going to ask for an extra $1 but before I could say anything he said, "I’ve added $1,100 to the budget for that, is that okay? "
Me…"That’s a lot of work but since we’ll be up there anyway that’s a good number, thank you. "
:money_with_wings: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:


Hmmmm I just bid on some apartment place with 236 windows…

wish I read this earlier bout the screens lol

Very few things are worth doing for $1, even 230 times!


I’d say $1100 is just about right…I’d have said about $1150 personally, but then we’re primarily pressure washers, and I’m wanting them to say, “nevermind, we’ll do it”. I don’t see how $1 would even be worth talking about it. On a building like the one in the OP, I’d go higher TBH

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You need to have a standard disclaimer about the screens, whichever way you do it. That definitely needs to be a part of spelling out the service details to be provided.

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we already charged to clean them, we were just gong to take them down too.
to each their own.

I figured. Our price per window to remove/replace screens is about the same as cleaning the window itself. TBH, it probably takes more time to deal with the screen than cleaning the window does…

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so true. We use screen magic and do the works. I am raising my screen price. They look brand new when we finish the and when we do a maintenance clean they TAKE LONGER than two panes!

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Plus a higher risk of damaging IMO

I think you’re going to have a hard time convincing them to take out each and every screen and then put it back in. They may as well just do the window cleaning if they’re going to go through that. Also, don’t underestimate how dirty those windows are they may never have been done. You should easily get 5k but those screens will be yours to do