Biggest month EVER!

Well Im not sure how 2013 is treating everyone but we are off to a great start in Michigan. We are way up year over year…and have had to hire additional help plus a full time sales manager.

  1. How is everyone else doing ? I hope well.

  2. What do you see the rest of 2013 bringing?

Curious everyones thoughts. Thanks.

Doing well, beating every month from last year by at least 10%. February we had dramatic growth of over 200% compared to last February. Overall, I don’t think I’ll hit my revenue goals, which were pretty ambitious, but still a great year.

June was our biggest month since we a started 3 years ago. July is already booked as of now to out perform last July by 20%. August will be good this year as I moved 3 weeks worth of commercial complex washing from busy season to fill the end of summer crawl. September is another huge commercial wash and window we do yearly. So with all of that plus mailers and STREET BIDDER being added to the arsenal things are projecting very well. Like Larry we may be just shy of revenue goals, but tbh it was a bar set past what I thought we could realistically do. Hiring two new full timers and freeing myself up to sell has been the key for us.

I am always trying to move our big commercial jobs to Aug/Sept as well… As far as freeing yourself up to sell goes…I think thats huge. It can be scary to make that move but it really helps you take it to the next level with your business…(you have got to work on your business and not in your business). Good for you guys! Keep pushing!

Must be something in the water, we had our best month as well! :slight_smile:

Yeah, May was our biggest month in 10 years and June is headed there too.

Gotta make hay while the sun is shining! We are loving it while we can.

Thats awesome!! We are having our best month ever also!!