Bigscreen TV's

Just wondering if any one has a tip on cleaning the screen on my tv.Also the screen on my laptop gets fingerprints and dust on it,any thoughts?

According to my pal Ray:

Water and a microfiber cloth.

I use pure water & a microfibre. I haven’t tried the wfp yet?

yeah, I’ll have to try wfp on my latop, stupid screen always gets dirty:p

I would just use that spray solution you get in every electronic store, staples, FYE,… they sell it all over. And a microfiber towel.

I think he is asking do we prefer Dawn or GG4?


I think he swallowed a fly at 0:34 ??

// Entertainment Systems : How to Clean an HDTV - YouTube

“HDTV Tip:
Here are a couple of simple secrets for cleaning your HDTV that will ensure a clean unmarred viewing experience.”