Bill After Bill?, Just think of the Dill

Many people are afraid to fail, so much so that it prevents them from taking action on a business idea or strategy to take to their existing business because they are scared to fail.

Do me a favor, run to your kitchen right now and find the ketchup. That’s right, I know this is a little weird but hang in there with me on this one!

Take a look at your ketchup and you most likely have “Heinz Ketchup”. Now, look at the label and you will see the word “Heinz” shown on a small pickle. In fact, they have that pickle on every bottle of ketchup they sell (hundreds of millions).

What’s up with that pickle?

Henry John Heinz first started a pickle business and he fell flat on his face and completely failed. If he had he given up there would be no Heinz empire that employs 33,000 people and makes over 10 BILLION dollars per year in revenue.

Heinz took that failure and swore that he would do whatever it took to succeed, he knew he just had to learn from his mistakes and try another idea until he found a way to make it work and create a successful business.

After starting a business and failing, most people would have just hung it up and quit. Don’t ever be that kind of person. Success for you could be just around the corner, or two, or three.

If you try something and fail, make it YOUR pickle. Always remember the pickle, don’t give up, find a way to succeed and thrive.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to succeed. Big difference because if we fear failure we actually become afraid to succeed. Reverse the pattern so that failure is a push forward instead of a push back.

Failed marriage - there are reasons
Failed/failing business- reasons
Failed friendship- reasons
Failed parent- reasons

Most of us fear these “reasons” so much, we fall into oblivion, don’t we? If we met these reasons head on we would find success as we would discover the WHY of the problem and alter it.

Not getting enough phone calls on business? why?
Fliers or postcards stink? why?
You’re busy and still broke? why?

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel going so fast you can’t jump off? Why?

Instead of blaming Bush, competition or a bad market… use your noodle and subjectively look deep into your issues.

Be like a child and always ask yourself, why.

Thank you for reading my ultra long stream of thought :smiley:

Thanks, Paul.

Thats a great post… I have been listening to a lot of talks recently over at

I heard this good one the other day I forget by who… But anyway they say as people get older and older they start taking less and less chances. Creativity goes out the window due to fears. They also said all children are born as creative as Picasso or any great artist…

So yeah keep trying!

Also, I think as we get older, we take “safer” chances due to life experience.

We gain wisdom

Wisdom comes with winters. ~ Oscar Wilde

Wisdom outweighs any wealth. ~ Sophocles