Bill Help me build this

I saw this on Nwcd … can you help me wit this?

(I chose simply to mount it to the back wall of my truck and use attached hose reels for my source and product hoses, but the same system could be mounted to a cart for a reasonable price)

Total system cost… $885.26


Watts Pressure Regulator
3 Prefilters (1 sediment 2 carbon block)
Shurflo Pump
Marine Battery and charger
Gallon Flow Meter
Filmtec XEL-4040 RO Membrane
Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
HM Digital DM-2 Inline Dual TDS Monitor
2 series DI filter Housings with Refillable Cartridges

Here is a picture of it

looks sweet

What would you like? Do you need the parts or would you like us to build it for you? We can do what ever you need.

What about the product you folks are working on? Any details yet?

hey, old thread, but there’s something new about this ?

I’d be interested in knowing about the benefits of the first posts’ system if anyone can help with that.

I can help what do you want to know? how to build it? were to get the parts? can WCR build it? this is what I am here for.

This looks great, can this set up to run two poles at the same time ?
If not what do I have to change to run two poles at the same time as I want have this running by the spring.

Hey Bill, I’d like to know how to build it, will be cheaper (I guess) and will help me to understand how it works, which is one of the reasons why I like to tackle this kind if projects, $$$ factor is important as usual too.

using that system in the pic, what would be the benefits between bought at store vs homemade ?

Any help you can provide will be appreciated and I’m sure a lot of people will be grateful to know how to develop or build something like this.

hey Carlos

Im sure Bill will jump in and answer your question soon, but in the meantime…

In the very near future WCR plans to offer free detailed schematics of how to build your own machine. Ideally it will be hooked with actual blue prints, instructional videos, and of course links to purchase each product you need for your system at a super affordable price from the WCR store.

I have been wanting to do this for awhile, it will be a reality soon.


The schematics are in the works and full Assembly videos as well. We will let everyone know as soon as we can.

“That’s one small step for THE man, one giant leap for WC’ers”

Just wanna check with you guys where are you on this matter.
I’m really excited about this possibility of getting this on my hands.

Check this one out

That’s that Clear&Simple dude on NWCD. He’s a member here as well…

sick Chris, as usual you guys rule.

Can you get replacement filters, warranty etc. May be worth thinking about before buying?

Carlos everything is steadily in the works. The instructional videos and schematics will be up within a month. As well of course all the parts at a very affordable price. When we started putting the ideas for this project together we envisioned this as a great winter project for people. So yeah if you can hold out 3 different sets of plans and instructional assembly videos will be together shortly.

That’s great Chris, and also a good winter project as you mentioned.


Just wondering where you were with those schematics.
I am wanting to build a 5 stage battery system to run 2 poles.

Everything should be together before Christmas. Of course we will make the announcement the moment its ready.