Black diamond hard rubber on week 3 holds up great

So I’m on week 3 with the lack diamond hard rubber in my liquidators. Have not changed them once and still holding up great. The edges have worn down a little but still giving me a clean finish on my edges and zero detailing.

That’s excellent. I replied on one of your other posts my overall findings. If they’re holding up that well there may be very little advantage of going to the expense of importing Razer Red. Very little difference in feel on the glass. BD Hard slightly more ‘slippy’. The longevity will be the acid test.

I ordered the hard for the first time. I’m curious to see the difference from the soft.

Don’t act like you change your rubbers… Don’t make me ask your girlfriend… :slight_smile:

The Black Diamond I bought from [MENTION=3241]dexter445[/MENTION] the other day works hella good. I love it.

The liquidator channels should not come with soft rubber pre installed. That is a mistake.

Had it not been for Derrick I would have pitched it and come here to tell you what a crappy product it is.

I don’t just mean the cheap little plastic clips that seem to fall off every chance they get… I mean the cheap rubber that make the channel feel cheap when you first use it despite the thickness of the channel itself. blah…

No thanks.

I am glad Doc educated me while I was hanging out with him the other night. The dude has probably forgot more about window cleaning than I will ever know. I respect that.

I just received my B.D. soft rubber today. I never could get used to hard rubber. Anxious to see how well it works. I’ve been using Unger soft for years.

Try the B.D. hard rubber you may like it!

I prefer the hard B.D. over the soft.

Does it say Black Diamond on that soft rubber?


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