Black glass & turn marks - Greenhorn in need of tips

Hi everybody, I’m working with tinted glass and it is difficult to fan them without leaving streaks or turn marks. My understanding so far is that friction from sharp, quick turns creates the foggy mark, no?


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Try using a smaller squeegee. Maybe a 12 or 14".

I find with certain surfaces like this it’s sometimes easier to use a larger squeegee and straight pull. Too much friction will cause a lot of wrist strain after awhile.

Update: My buddy thinks the fog is from water spots as they scrub off, and the foggy coating is exaggerated on turns. We’re using a mop with a scrub pad zip tied on, the water spots are not baked in so they come off easily. In this case then, if we aren’t going to wash each window twice I suppose the best we can do is reduce turn marks.

Smaller squgee or straight pulls