Blame it on the window cleaner

Got a call this morning from the neighbor of a condo job I did yesterday. She claimed that I scratched her car down the whole side with my ladder. WTF?! Are you kidding me? I called her back to let her know there was no way I did or would do such a thing. I went out to meet her and look at the damage. Damage? HAH, crazy ass lady. It looked to me like a mark perhaps from the plastic or rubber bumper of a shopping cart. I had to lean close into it and get the light to hit it just right to even see what she was talking about. I was parked next to her vehicle yesterday but pulled my ladder from the roof rack and rest its weight on my shoulder to carry it over to the building. No way was the ladder even close to scraping her car, besides aluminum would have taken paint off. She also said her insurance would cover it but wanted me to send a claim to my insurance. Crazy - at the very most rubbing compound would make quick work of it, or soap and water and a micro fiber cloth. None the less I filled out my claim form my insurance broker gave me and sent it to him to process or whatever he wants to do with it. At least I learned of a new “Ain’t going to do your windows” person today.

So, how was your day?

@Garry that sinks. My day was great 1 house 3 bids and awards ceremony with my kiddo. NO CRAZY PEOPLE! I’m not even watching Fox or CNN tonight to keep the peace!
I hope this doesn’t cost you on the insurance premiums!

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Sounds like a great day! Nah, this lady is full of crap. I doubt I will get a full of crap charge on my insurance.