Bless WCR

Was reminded this weekend it’s winter.

Just thankful I landed on WCR in Jan of 2010 and happy client of theirs.


i joined feb 28 2014 after deciding the company i was working was absolute crap. i have spent way too much time here but learned a lot and made a lot of friends (i hope) and of course been crowned king.


There is always 3 tells…

the ground coverage here…

the focus on here…

the time available…

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At least a few. :wink:

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How do I obtain Epic Squeegee status too?

Pretty sure the title of Epic requires outlasting a large breed german dog in a pee battle.


Back in 2010 when @Chris was drumming up support…

“We’re gunna built a great forum, it’s gunna be great people, so great. It’s gunna be the greatest forum ever made! It’s gunna be great!”

I think you should shot for the status of “Keep it real squeegee”… :wink:

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I don’t suppose anybody told you that the new King has to pay for the wall?


guess i’ll just have to raise taxes.


Hey @Chris,

If you crown me “God” then I can personally bless this “bless WCRA” thread.

Also, as God, my Google reviews are on point

You have to kill the other epic squeegees and take their ceremonial carbon Unger.

It’s tradition :ok_hand:t2:

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