Blind Cleaning

Can you clean those with your machine?

You can clean anything that can be put in water. About the only type of blind you cannot clean are blinds that have been damaged or cellular shades with the aluminum tint inside. I prefer not to clean woven woods or wood blinds just to save my booty on warping and shrinking. but wood blinds can be done if you are really careful.

Then I am confused. I may have misread something.

Can these same things be cleaned with the blind butler?

Sorry, could be me lol. The blind butler is only safe to clean metal mini blinds and some faux wood blinds. I say some faux wood blinds because you have to watch out for the ones that have more wood in them than epoxy resign. the more wood, the more chance you take of the blind warping or swelling.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning can do just about anything. they even have solutions to clean monitors, keyboards, clock radios, rusty tools, car parts, golf clubs, silk flowers, crystal, you name it.

Well, thanks for your time. I am more confused now though (sorry)

can you 'splain me why the water in an ultrasonic machine will not damage the same things that the blind butler might?

I ask because it is a direction I may wish to go…down stream.

It does make you wonder why you can clean any blind the ultrasonic method which is water and you use water with the blind butler/maid method as well. I would think the ultrasonic method would be a greater risk of damage because it is being submersed into a tub of water for a lenght of time where the blind butler/maid method you are only spraying it off.

Blind Butler states you can clean blinds of any type, Guaranteed. Hmmm… I think if I go with either method I’m going to get a waiver signed.

The waiver thing was funny. :slight_smile:

I am glad to see i am not the only one confused. Blind cleaning has always interested me.

I’m going to contact Blind Butler this week and talk to them, get some references and call them and see what they have to say.

it is possible to clean both with each method but not recommended. the reason why ultrasonics works better than the blind maid is due to the stress put on the blind. with the blind maid you are spraying and scrubbing which can be harsh on delicate blinds such as cellular and duets. the ultrasonic machine you mainly dip in the water and turn it on. it uses sound waves to create cavitation in the water. if you can imagine a balloon filling with air and then exploding inward on itself rather outward and the balloon being a tiny bubble of water about the size needle. this is what is being used to clean. it will loosen the from the blind and float it in the water. the differences in the two are amazing. I would have to say the blind maid is like brushing your teeth and the ultrasonic is like going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned. either way you go get a waiver. the ultrasonic is faster than the blind maid hands down. the way I used to do blinds which was very similar to the blind maid took me and another guy two days to do 80 blinds. with the ultrasonic machine I can clean 80 blinds in about 3-4 hours. If I confused you more let me know. I have a few write ups on ultrasonic blind cleaning that may explain it better.

emailed you a pdf on the ultrasonic side.

I’m gonna post my question here so I don’t start another thread in vain.

Customer asked to get blinds cleaned, they’re pretty clean, just REALLY dusty.
I do have my DI Setup but seems to be overkill for this job. Gave her a ballpark of $10-$15 a piece, there are 19 “ladders” if that’s how you call them. There are 2 or 3 that are one long rail with 3 or 4 of those mentioned “ladders”, the rest are just individually installed on each window.

What is the best way to go ? remove and dust outside? dust inside with a vacuum? Wash them ? Is that price range somewhat correct?

Will be waiting for your input

That would be a good place to start as far as price. Even though they are just dusty I would still pull them down and wash them with the DI water. Even if you are just rinsing them. That top head rail will catch ton of dust. If you can pretty much wipe the dust off with your finger you probably will not need any soap. check for bug spots. they can be stubborn but will come off with a light scrub. The reason I would not suggest wiping them inside is just for the simple fact that it gets time consuming to get the dust out from the ladders. If you do end up taking them outside to rinse off, treat the blinds like fine china and you will be okay. If you do not plan on hanging them outside to dry shake the majority of the water off and hang back in the window with the top of each blade facing the outside at 45 degree angle. This will speed drying time. I normally charge around $12 for a 6’x6’ or smaller blind. any bigger and I will charge more accordingly. the ones that get hard to do are the ones that have multiple blinds on one head rail or the ones that are more than 8’ tall. I hope this has helped. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I am more than happy to help.

I’ve been cleaning blinds for a year now and one thing that I suggest is to check the conditions of each blind before you do a quote. Some blinds are so dirty that it would be impossible to clean them perfectly manually. Let the customer know this. There may be 2 blinds of the same size and one may take twice as long as the other.

Once I used water on wooded blinds (stupid!) and expanded all the blinds and ended up paying for each blind to be replaced!


I have said in many other posts and such as you would with Fab Debris you all ways should have a waiver. some blinds can be so sun damaged that you can not get them cleaned short of taking the paint off. wood and water don’t mix well, the same goes for faux wood blinds.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m pretty new to this, in fact this will be my first cleaning (blinds).
Because of that I’m sure that I can easily get confused with real wood and faux wood, but I do believe that only 3 of them are real wood, but even though, that eliminates the use of water at all, right?

There are, as previously described, 2 or 3 units that are 3 and 4 ladders on 1 long rail, that’s why I will take my wife with me to help me with removal and installation.

MyWindowMan, I did download your document about blind cleaning and learned a lot from it, thanks.
I was thinking to remove them, take them outside and use a shop vac with a brush attachment to remove most of the dust and then use a slightly damp towel to clean each blade manually.

Also, where I can get those clips to hold the fake molding to the rail? the ones that are acrylic. I do have a tendency to break them every now and then.

Ok, thanks one more time.

3 Day Blinds provides them for free if it is their product.

In doing work for PM companies, I always run across missing or broken clips during blind-cleaning service.

For wood blinds I would use a light mix of murphy’s oil and a rag wipe down. For faux wood use a damp rag with water only and a gentle wipe down. a little light squirt on the rag goes a long way when it comes down to wood blinds. If you do end up taking the other blinds out side hook up your di tank to the garden hose and spray the dirt off. what ever dirt is left over brush off and rinse again. from there you should be able to hang up. If you are doing a mix of metal and wood blinds I would charge more for the wood ($15-25) because they are way more time consuming.

As far as replacement parts it all depends on your area. most metal blinds are all about the same so you get the plastic clips from just about anywhere that sells blinds. 3 day blinds in my opinion is pretty much crap. look for a hunter douglas or graber supplier that only sells to blind dealers. You will find the best price there. the other solution is to find a blind/drapery store ( the mom and pop kind of place) Most of those owners are pack rats and hold on to the old stuff they replace because old parts are hard to come by.

I’ll try to stay away from the water if possible, to avoid any kind of trouble.
All these are faux wood and 3 of them “real” wood for what I can tell.

Will take them outside and dust them, clean using a rag to justify the price tag, because they’re just dusty, really dusty, but just dust, no dirt or other mess.

Thanks again you guys