More stuff I am learning about LC/WC.

I learned through my new LC work that many accounts (commercial) expect the parking lot to be blown off. Duh. BUT, more specifically, not just the grass clippings. No no no. They want the TRASH blown off too. The LC provider includes this service (to some degree anyway) is his weekly or bi-weekly stop.

paper cups, gum wrappers, cigarette butts etc. all need to me ‘cleaned off’ the lot.

why is this important to WC’ers?

Because no one else is doing it. What if AAA LC shows up on Mondays, does the grass, blows the lot etc. Then, YOU show up on say Fridays…only YOU also have a back-pack blower and before you wash, YOU blow the lot…too.

One $400 investment might be the very thing your competitor will never see coming!

I love the blower.
I don’t use it when WC but after every gutter job, I walk the perimeter of the house and the driveway if not to long. Clients love it.
I have the biggest Stihl (the older 2 stoke) and it takes no time to make things look great.

I use a Stihl BR550, and love it.

I hate blowers - they mess up windows.

You guys have missed the point.

for those who decide to use this idea…you will find it an awesome way to cinch a deal.

You’re proposing the idea of blowing the property off before cleaning the windows?

anywhere those things are used on a regular basis has dirt in all the wrong places,have had widow jobs get messed up from landscapers across the street blowing massive dirt bombs,

blowers blow

I agree with A Deeper Clean, I think… If you were to blow everything off before you clean the windows, there would be far less for the landscaper to blow back on to the windows…

I clean the exterior windows for a stripmall… I don’t think they have any kinda of streetsweeping service, or landscapers blowing off the lot… The bottom window sills are covered in silt and dirt every month I clean them. I could probably add this service and add some loyalty to the deal…

So offer them a blow job, then a clean up. Its a one liner they can’t refuse :rolleyes:

Now were talkin’

Karlos…funny line. :slight_smile:

That was FUNNY :smiley:

I use the same approach,but with a Landa pressure washer

How do you sell a pressure washing service on a every week or every two week basis to most of your window cleaning clients?

Do you pressure wash the entire parking lot, or just the sidewalk?

I almost asked the same questions. But resisted.

In my post, the idea is to understand what the client really wants…and to see if WE can give it to them

As our (USA) economy gets tough, price-point might become an issue. A serious one at that.

The blower idea is only an idea…but gimme some time and I’ll see for myself. My bet is it is a deal maker.

I have done sidewalks on larger areas and if they are to big I am left with alot of mud to pick up after,never a whole parking lot with a preassure washer