How many of you guys are a BNI members. How it’s working for you?
I’m about to renew my membership, I don’t know exact numbers, but i think that about 20% of my business this year came from referrals from there or somehow connected to BNI.

Did you do a meeting every week?

they called me this week, said they meet every week, looked it up online, only 30 people in it where I am.


I attended two meetings at the request of one chapter. Seemed like a decent fit, but too cult-like and it didn’t appear that they did enough reported referral revenue as a group. There are 4 or 5 other chapters iny county. I have no employees, so weekly meetings (I have no proxy attendee available) are not realistic.

Starts at 7:30. I’m out of there by 9. It’s only one day a week so i can adjust schedule no problem. I got some great contacts out of there. It’s usually between 25-35 professional people there. I visited other groups in slower season = lots of quality referrals. My group have over million $ in referrals this year alone

Just lost a small commercial job to the local Fish guy who joined that group. $400 a year. I looked into it, and although it obviously works, it still seems sketchy to me. Can’t really put my finger on why.

I am currently vp in my bni group bni isn’t for everyone but I have landed 30 acct due to being in bni it’s givers gain and word of mouth advertisement imagine that u have 15 or more sales man for u well that’s what u get with bni its cost money but I bet you pay more per year to advertise in other areas bni also helps train you in how to market you and your services

U meet every week early morning or later in day depending on how group sets it up

30 members is a fairly average chapter size, Bruce. I think you’d be surprised at how much work you got from them. It’s not about getting work from those members (though you likely will) but rather about who they know and can refer you to.

My dad is a director and I may be a bit biased, but I’ve gotten lots of work just from subbing for other members.

30 is actually a pretty good sized group. I’ll bet they pass a ton of referrals

Should ask them what’s there average thank you for closed business per chair

Business Network International, Mega-churches, swingers parties, all great ways to network, i’m sure, but my gut instinct says run for the hills. I just hate the idea of being forced to use a service because you belong to a group. A certain businessman who I know of who is not a stand up guy is getting referrals as a ‘stand-up guy’ because he pays $400 a year to do so, these referrals have nothing to do with the quality of his work or his character. He likely joined the group because his networking buddies are forced to use them for fear of being kicked out, it’s a last resort for someone who can’t get business any other way. That bothers the hell out of me. I wish my ideals would let me join a group like this, more power to those of you who don’t have a problem with it, I guess.

What BNI are you talking about? It looks like you have a completely wrong idea of what really BIN is all about. Maybe you should researched first.
Nobody is force to use anybody’s services. You build relationship with people, and they refer you to their friends or customers. You can find guy like you talking about just about everywhere. Thing is, if you screw up, nobody will refer you anymore. And word spread fast. I had to prove myself that I’m dependable and doing good job, before referrals really start coming in.
You can only have a one person from an industry in the group. Some of the position hardly ever open up, people don’t quit. That alone says a lot. For example, our mortgage broker retired this year. We had 5 people going for the position, because there are money in it. We have a home builder who just got $350k job from referral.

ShinyWindowz, I’m sorry, but you’ve either gotten some bad information about BNI or your gut instinct is just plain wrong. No one “forces” you to have to use another member of the group just because they paid the “$400 to do so.” And you certainly can’t be kicked out if you use someone else.

BNI is about building relationships with other business professionals who might need your services at some point. I can’t just give the group my annual dues and expect tons of referrals from the group automatically. I have to first gain their trust, establish a relationship and then deliver everything I’ve promised. And if someone gives me a referral, I really want to make sure my business shines because if it doesn’t, not only do I look bad, but so does the person who referred me.

Joining BNI is certainly a commitment and I really feel like I struck gold with the group I’m in. Most of the members own their own business, are all very smart and energetic people and most importantly, care about the group as a whole. I visited four other chapters before I settled on the one I’m in (two years ago) and have been a firm believer of it’s philosophy ever since.

Shiny, I would suggest you also visit some chapters and make your decision to join based on those experiences and not because of some certain businessman you know who’s not a stand up guy :cool:

I did my 10 minute presentation last week at BNI and amongst others, showed the group these before and after pictures on hard water removal.

Today, a property manager who was visiting (and impressed with the pics) called me in showed me one of his properties with lots of hard water. After a 10 minute demo we got the job. Two and half hours later = $625 in our pockets. Who said their gut instinct on BNI had them “running for the hills?”

Bni is a great way to meet grade A business owners i just did my 10 min to day on glass sealent had 2 visitors and everyone was impressed bni does WORK as long as you work with it. And do your part at GIVERS GAIN!!!

I feel since I was so negatively vocal about this group that I should tell you that I am going to check out one of the local BNI chapters, so at least that if I still don’t like it, it won’t have been from lack of knowledge. I admit that one of my big problems is being a skeptic and not trusting groups like this, so you could be totally correct about the benefits and I could really be missing out.

It should be noted that my reservations were not about the financial benefits you are making from these groups, but the kind of people I will be networking with, so your most recent posts don’t really add much to your argument, but I did take the time to talk to another of my customers who I respect who is in a BNI chapter and will be visiting the group for the next two weeks. I promise, I’ll be honest about my opinions on this group, positive or negative.


Glad to hear you are going to go visit a chapter. At first, I was skeptical at joining too, but unlike you, it was only the financial benefits that worried me. At the time when I was asked to join, the financial and time commitments seemed too much for me and I worried that I wouldn’t get my money back in referrals. But this is not what you are worried about. Now I think I better understand where you are coming from.

As far as meeting dishonest “business people” though, I guess you could run into those types anywhere. BNI included, but again, you don’t HAVE to refer someone in your group if you don’t want to. For example, I have a good friend who is a lawn care guy and we’ve been referring work to each other for over seven years. About six months ago, a lawn care business joined our BNI group. First one we’ve had since I’ve been in the group. He seems like a nice guy, but so far I don’t give him that work simply because I already have someone who I’m comfortable referring too. Now if my friend screws up and makes me look bad to a customer I sent him or he can’t handle the referral, then maybe I give the “new” guy a call…

If you have the opportunity, go to two or three meetings, not just one. Chat it up with as many people before and after the meeting. And of course, bring tons of business cards!

Keep us updated on how you liked(or didn’t like) BNI :smiley:

I was invited and will be attending my first meeting this week. Seems like its worth checking out.

This year to date BNI has given ME MY BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT!!!

We meet once a week for a couple of hours. I am currently on the board and was elected to be
on the board for the next 6 months. It is ALL about what you put into it.

I make more gross revenue with direct mail but I pay out almost as much as I make!

For every dollar spent I have made $30 back.

Year to date our chapter has done just over $2.5 million…roughly 30 members as well.

I just renewed for two years and am having my lead technician sign up with another big
group in our area. I wish I had more quality long-time employees working for me…each of
them would be in a group.

Well worth the time, effort and money.