Boab damaging rubber

Any of you with a boab (I’m using the unger 50th anniversary) that holds two squeegees? I dont look when I put my squeegee back in and it hits the divider. The divider gets knicked and chaffs up the rubber on me quick. I put a piece of duct tape on it and it seems to be solving my issue.

Anyone have a good suggestion to stop this from happening or have a better fix than duct tape?

Chunk of rubber trimmed down, split in the middle part way, and glued onto the split in your BOAB.

I posted about some t-mouldings at lowes in this thread.

I’m not sure it’ll work on the classic, but you might give it a shot.

I’m having the same issue with that bucket. I think the main issue is that it’s meant for wide body squeegees (it’s really just a re-labeled ‘ninja’ boab). So there’s more room for a standard squeegee to rest against the divider at a sharper angle. I’m going back to my trusty Pulex boab on my next order of supplies. I’ve just been getting by with this since my last Pulex cracked. The pulex would wear the rubber down eventually, but not so quickly that I saw a need to modify it. I can’t even leave a squeegee in my ninja overnight, without the rubber being completely useless the next morning (both sides of the rubber wear down).

Go get a strip of t-mouldings. They’re like three bucks at Lowes. I used them mainly to keep my squeegees from flopping around but I also don’t have problems with rubber.

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Do your channels have sharp edges or burrs on them?

Do u have a pic of how you put it in?

Yeah, they just slide right in. The other thread had a picture of my ninja with them installed:

I don’t have the classic, but I’m thinking they might fit in it as well. For the ninja, you’ll have to trim a little bit off of the bottom of the moulding to get them to fit side by side.