BOAB which one is best

I like the Unger BOAB (bucket on a belt) because I like to carry a small razor with me and it has a holder built in. I also carry a large razor. It also holds 2 large squeegees and a large strip washer.

Haven’t tried the unger holster. We had the pulex(blue) ones but the guys didn’t like it because it swung to much. We switched to the ettore side kick and has worked well.

I have the Pulex detachable and the modern Unger BOAB.

I prefer the Unger much more than the Pulex.

I like the color (black) of the Ettore Side Kick the best. I checked it out at the trade show and it looks like it will only hold one squeegee. My Unger holds both my 18" and 14" squeegees so I’ll just keep using it.

I loke the blue pulex other than one thing. When I first started using them the bottom of the buck would hit me in the knee and leave a dirty bruse. Got to have the detachable clip though.

Ettore Sidekick for me! I have a holster for my squeegees so the fact that it only holds one isn’t that big a deal. Plus it’s black. How cool is that!:smiley:

I really like the little razor blade slot on the Unger bucket but it collects water and the razor blade handle and razors get rusty from sitting in the water.

So I took out my trusty drill and put a few holes in the razor blade compartment. I drilled the holes so the water drains into the bucket not on the floor. Problem solved.

My personal is the Unger BOAB. But the #1 seller is the Pulex Detachable.

I like the tubex best and as Alex mentioned it is our best seller.

For good reason too. A while back I tried a competitors verson, more or less a clone of a different color. Talka about crap, a couple lasted days and the majority were leaking water hours in to their life.

I used to use the Ettore and Unger but the Pulex has the longest life span to me. all the others the clips break or fall off to fast.

Pulex is my preferred BOAB, but my guys seem to like the Unger belt. I imagine the Unger belt is great, but I remember when it did not have the quick disconnect, and the Pulex always has. Is Ettore still making the small one tool BOAB? That was my very first BOAB and it was awesome at the time.

I would have said the Ettore Sidekick. However, while in Atlanta I discovered a BOAB that I had not seen. I guess it has been out for 4-5 years now. Its is mae by TOWA products out of Japan. It is cyndrical rather than square and the inside is designed to ring your washer as you pull it out.

I have one ordered and think that it is going to be my new favorite.

Yeah those Towa boabs look sick… We will have there line of products in the store by spring.

Good they had some other items I ordered as well that looked pretty slick or “sick”. I like the 2’ pole holster they have also.

It is always good when you can be part window cleaner and part Ninja.

I’m glad you’ve had a great experience with the Pulex. We loved them but they started leaking sooner than our Ettore Sidekicks. The Pulex buckets had some leaks in them and it was probably just a bad production round. We ordered about same amount of Pulex buckets and Ettores and the Ettores have lasted longer.

We’ve had no problems with clips from either brand. Never tried Unger buckets. Only because we were trying to be uniformed in our company color.

Guess I’m different. I use the old Winspray BOAB. Its big, I don’t keep any water in it. I think I still have 2 new ones left somewhere.

Looks like I’m gonna have to get 'dem Ninja buckets. May improve company morale!! Haaayeeeaaa!

I’ve used one of the Towa buckets. The self ringing feature is a real pain. You’ll need to trim the interior edge a bit to be able to easily remove your strip washer.

They make a mop themselves. I wonder if it was designed with there’s in mind?

That could be, Mike. Did you order one of their strip washers?

No I didnt think about it being that way. At the show the one they had had no problems going in and out. I am guessing now that that is the case. We will see when it gets here. Should be this week.