Board of Realtors

I just joined the local board of Realtors as an Affiliate Member. It gives me ad space in their mailers, allows me to attend and sponsor luncheons, allows me to join the weekly home tour, etc.

Have any of you done this? Is it beneficial? What kind of return can I expect?

Thank you for your time!

I think it is different in different areas.

Also, you may be more proactive than most. Don’t
just sit back, be aggressive with how you can help
their clients.

that’s what I think anyway…

Thanks Paul! Your input is important to me!

I have never actually got on any board. But years back I remember targeting realtors and got in with a dozen or more. I had some of them set up with free monthly service in exchange to advertise and pass my number on. It really didn’t work as well as I had planned. I got leads, but nothing different than the normal.

I remember thinking it was my golden ticket. I don’t think there is a golden ticket. There’s methods that work better than others and you def need to keep evolving. Wait there is a Golden ticket - It’s called “Try your hardest and never quit”

Hey Justin old friend!

I remember one of the most popular (and heated) threads on the
NWCD was about getting in bed with Realtors.

The key is figuring out what will help the Realtor. This takes a lot
of thought and some research. It is not a simple “if your clients
have clean windows you will sell more houses!”… they know that
is a crock of sh-t.

Clean windows enhance, not create miracles. If we ‘aim small miss
small’ we can laser focus on one good need.

Everyone under the sun (myself included) has went after a Realtor
telling them how our service will better the chances of them selling
homes. It is complete fiction and I doubt there is a Realtor on earth
who would say “I would have sold that house if the windows were

Realtors are under stress they will lose their clients to another Realtor
if they feel they are not being taken care of. This could be something
to focus on.

You can give their clients another affordable upgrade to add to the
homes overall appeal. You can also give a discount for any of their

The Realtor wants to look good [I]and[/I] protect their sale.

I don’t know, just some quick thoughts…

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I cleaned the high, canyon-facing windows for a new customer last week – a realtor.

In discussing what was important to her as a home-seller, she did state that she focuses on details that indicate an owner cares for their property – air intake registers, carriage lights, floor boards, etc. She personally values clean windows, screens, and tracks when preparing a home for sale – as part of a bigger project directed toward curb appeal and pride of ownership.