Boat setup

I am wondering if anyone services islands that can only be reached by boat? Was wondering if they had a good way to keep it organized. I have a 14th aluminum and was thinking about how to make a ladder holder. I am starting to get a few calls from summer residents on near by islands so this could be Huge for me.

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This is sooo cool. I’ve never had a need to put any of my equipment on a boat, but my car is only 13’ long… I might have a couple ideas, lol. Sounds like you may be doing some custom fabrication for this project :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I was thinking just thought maybe someone had done something like this before and I could get some different ideas.

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I’m thinking maybe a one sided ladder rack similar to what some pickup trucks carry, something like this, but it could be lower/closer to the hull:

Amer-Rac Single Side Pickup Truck Ladder Racks - Truck Accessories

Do you have any pics of your boat?

What do you typically carry for residential work? You may just start by pulling all of it out of your van/truck and experiment loading into the boat. Then you’ll have a better idea of what you need to build. Just a thought :slight_smile:

I just have to reiterate how cool I find this sort of thing. I’m guessing that a lot of guys that have work on islands rely on ferries to get there. This is so much cooler and convenient (mostly, lol).

Thanks Alex I can post a picture tonight when I get home. I won’t carry as much as I do in my truck as I have backups to backups for a lot of my stuff. I think I can fit what I need into a couple of plastic totes plus my ladders. I am going to load the boat Thursday evening for a job Friday I’ll try to remember to post a picture so it gives everyone a better idea of what I am dealing with. Thanks again.

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Are you hiring? Lol. I’m looking at the thermometer of my truck and it says 107, so cleaning windows, cleaning ANYTHING, on an island sounds pretty good right now!

Nick Chase
Pacific Pro Cleaning Services

Lol I could use some help

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If you had sectionals you wouldnt need to worry about a rack on the boat. but then again I wouldnt be to sure if you could get away with just sectionals, I would assume that a house on an island would be a rich persons mansion and probably be a very tall building.

That would be so cool. That would be fun going by boat to clean windows

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Never thought buying a boat would be a legitimate window cleaning expense… might be hard to justify the trolling motor and depth finder tho.

I can usually get to the windows with my 24ft extention sometimes I have to use my 32ft so sectionals might be an option if I continue to get work on the Islands which I think will happen as my name is starting to get out to the island communities. I had a hard time getting my name out to them as I couldn’t do a mailing list as there are no mail boxes on the islands they either get a Po Box or have their mail sent to their primary residence. There are probably 5000 homes on the islands not all mansions as some are cottages that are from the 20s and 30s. As far as boat cost had the boat nothing to write home about but it floats and motor runs so really not and expense.

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tow a smaller skiff behind your boat.?..?

Sounds like you could be creating a huge market that you can corner for the moment. Develop a safe way to transport everything and charge out the wazoo to come to each island. You can schedule island “A” on mondays, “B” on tuesday, etc… and make a killing while providing the best and only window cleaning service to specialize in island service. You may even be able to have an add on service of delivering goods that the residents may need at the time