Bob at Pressure Tek is the man!

I’ve seen the name passed around on here a few times so figured Id call up Bob at and order a new Fat Boy Bandit for our house washing / roof cleaning.

Bob could have easily sold me a $1500 setup. (I was ready to buy, credit card at the ready!) but he asked me a few questions and we discovered that I could get the same results by just adding a few parts to our current setup.

Long Story Short…Bob cares! He directed me to what what I ‘needed’ to get the results I ‘wanted’ when he could have simply sold me on what I thought I needed. Saved $1k!

Owners/Vendors like pressuretek are far and few between these days, so I just wanted to give him a public thank you and let everyone know that Bob is the real deal!

Thanks again Bob!


No doubt about it Ryan, glad you found one of the good guys!

We had a similar experience recently with Bob. He’s a real stand up guy and a pleasure to work with.

Did business with Bob for the first last year. I had many questions and he answered them all. Then he set me up with everything I needed.

Great knowledge great service is all I can say about Bob

Bob is awesome!

He knows his stuff and delivers!

A pleasure doing business with Pressure Tek. Bob is always most helpful.

agree, Bob and also Andy (the other guy answering phones) are way helpful and knowledgeable.
However I must add that the pressuretek forum has a few longtime members that are not very friendly.

Bob is great, I refer tons of window cleaners to him.