BOMA 2010 Convention in L.A

Chuck from Nanophase hooked me up with some free passes to this show, its on June 28-29th. Is anyone else going?
Me and my high rise friend are heading there. If anyone else is going…post here and we can all meet up. Its at the long beach convention center. Here is the link to get free expo passes:

2010 BOMA Int’l Conference & The Every Building Show


Ew, LA lol

This is going on starting tomorrow, still have 2 tickets…if anyone else is going let me know and I will meet ya there. See you at the show.

Wish I could get down there to see your ugly mug in person, but I am slammed…

Hey I’m not ugly, my mom told me so!
I wish I could say the same about being slammed. Slammed with doing an obscene amount of commercial estimates but other than that unfortunately I can take a day and go for this.

Last year it was in Philly and I wanted so bad to hit it up. Never got around to it, though. Let use know how it goes.

Easy answer to that one. It sucked.
They let my friend in, I was next in line and they told me to hit the bricks. They said I had to pay 395.00 to get in because I was a competitor with other vendors and that my free pass was no good. So I had to wait for Chuck to come and get me in. He was setting up his booth still, so I waited for a couple hours in the lobby. By that time I was so p.o.ed I was not in the mood to yuck it up with ANYONE.

My friend made some good contacts tho. And there are some REALLY nice booths that a few big window cleaning companies did up. Very impressive. They were not the nicest group of people (other window cleaners) but I guess when a new guy comes around thats to be expected. For now, its outta my reach. Next couple of years tho, I AM gonna have a booth there. Thats a fact.